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Sunday, March 9, 2014


 First it was the former beauty queen now Chief, Ms. Nike Osinowo-Soleye that first dumped the organizers of the Miss Nigeria Pageant, Folio Communications owned by Fidelis Anosike. Now after just one edition of what we thought was the now revitalized beauty pageant, the person we thought was the new savior of the franchise in the person of Beth Model Agency boss, who also now owns a 1st class event's company, in the person of Elohor Aisien has now severed relationship with the same organization. 

The last edition of the beleaguered beauty contest that had been in coma for several years (a queen reigned for 6 years at one point) before it was resuscitated by Chief Nike Osinowo-Soleye, in our estimate was one of the best organized in a long while, so we had expected a long and very fruitful relationship between their new creative director in the person of Elohor Aisien and Folio Communications, but alas after just one edition of the event, the center could not hold together amicably again. 

According to our findings, the reason for Elohor's action might have been because of the shoddy treatment she got at the last edition after the sweat and blood she had put into organizing a first class event. Just imagine getting the then new hotel, Intercontinental Hotel to host the new improved pageant, getting a list of first class guests to attend and invitation cards had been sent and so much more, only for for Folio Communications, or should we say Fidelis Anosike to come up with another set of invites for his own kind of guests and those with the other invites were treated very shabbily and some not even allowed into the event. It took a major amount of patience and good resolve for the situation to be sorted out on the day of the event and for the event to go on. 

So in the event of the shabby and embarrassing treatment of that day, where she was made to look like she had no right to have invited anyone and some other little things like breach in contract etc, we believe the seed of discord had already been sown since, so Elohor apparently waited until now to cut off quietly from the running of the pageant. 

So who is the next on board to help rescue this sinking ship? We do not know yet, but we do not even think the pageant would hold this year 2014. Would this be another long season of coma? We do not know for sure. But Folio Communications might spring another surprise pretty soon. Lets wait and see!!


Anonymous said...

Aloba's MADAM!

Anonymous said...

E be like say Aloba and him madam don quarrel o

Anonymous said...

Walahi I said it now in the other post. before you could never post a negative comment about her here. Now he allows it.