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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


We all know who this platform normally refers to as the godfather. This extraordinary, the Kogi born deep pocket was one personality that showed all other rich and famous in the country what wealth or better still a colossal amount of money in the hands of an enjoyable fellow could do.

Many ladies, for he had his spec, enjoyed his great largesse and favour and became millionaires in their own right for it. The testaments to his goodwill liters here and there and they are not consigned to the African continent alone.

Legend had it then, that when the going was still extremely good (though still okay), that was before this particular so called "wizard-hunting" government came into power to start scrutinizing and investigating everything, whenever the godfather moves, he moved then with several bales of cash in hard currency- Pounds, Dollars, Euros in bags and with intimidating security personnel to guard him. Shuttling in any of the several private jets available to him across the continents. When the elements were still gathered in support of the godfather, to mention Naira then in his company, was like showing your status.

When the godfather enters a store, a lounge, an hotel or just about anywhere, it was like Christmas day had come earlier than it should and the whiff of raw cash makes everyone go gaga turning them to potty in his hands.

To buttress our point more effectively, the godfather was in America at a point and met that very famous stunning lady, that is a major feature in that reality television series in America, with the awesome body. He found out upon introduction that, apart from appearances on the series, she was also into event management to augment her earnings. So they exchanged contacts.

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The godfather later after a while called her to find out if she could organise an event for him in Venezuela, she answered in the affirmative and gave her bill, which was agreed on straight out, no haggling of any type. This alerted the lady immediately and she took notice, and she apparently then made enquiries about who this dude might be. What she found out blew her mind, they didn't see again for a while but kept in touch via phones discussing the event and co. The event itself was organised, but even the money bag African didn't attend, but all was okay. He didn't need to he apparently got his money's worth from reports that got back to him. Him not attending what he paid for increased the curiosity about him.

Lady like we had said earlier, had done her checkings and had found out, that the dude dictated liquidity, wow great, his larger than life image would intimidate any.

So the godfather called in at one time afterwards and lady wasn't too cool as normal, so he asked what the issue was and she complained about having car issues, to which he asked a few questions and said he would get back to her. By the time he did get back, he told her to go to a particular car dealership that something was waiting for her inspection, that if she liked she could have, alas she did and waiting for her "free of charge", was a stunning, very cool  very  mint, very intimidating "Rolls Royce", which screamed opulence and new money. And thus began a super symbiotic relationship between the godfather and the lady gorgeous.

With her new status as a nouveau rich and the backing of a rock solid money bag, she showed off and flaunted her new levels with awesome aplomb, to the extent that her other cast members were intimidated and took notice. That was just one out of the several stories that abounds about the miracle touch of the godfather.

You cannot encounter the godfather and remain the same again. BB and very many others can easily attest to that fact. You only just need to be lucky to fit into his specification and your life truly and literally is changed for the best forever.

Now that he has been curtailed a bit, by all the on going investigations and need to return some humongous dough, it's just a little blot for now, till he can get his full groove back, so that he could go flying about around the world again in his several private jets on some new levels of spending spree.

That lavish lifestyle and spending has been totally reduced for now, but knowing the godfather, he is just bidding his time, till better days than the old days would begin again. Like a Phoenix that cannot die, but rises from her own ashes, the revival of the godfather is been awaited with bated breath.

So, salute to the uncommon man, who had/has the key to the secret of spending. 


Anonymous said...

So, who is this so called " god father"? Is this naijagistlive cont'd? Hahshshahahaha! Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

JIDE omokore