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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Imagine that the damsel we are introducing to you is as gorgeous as they come. One of the very best way to describe her is that she's stunningly beautiful and she knows it, in fact she would win a beauty contest hands down any day.

Wherever she goes and even in the midst of other beautiful and sexy ones, she always manages to stand out. She's always the cynosure of all eyes. And because of the attention she gets, she revels in it, swims in it and enjoys it with abandon.

Cy is a shortened version of her name, still in her 20s and a graduate at that. She's very stylish and sexy just to add to the whole aura of attraction, like some would say, she knows what the time says.

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This supremely gorgeous darling is a consistent feature at one of Lagos, Nigeria's most happening joints on the island. In fact where you encounter her most often, is claimed to be the number one joint in Lagos. At any time you come across her, she's always surrounded by  gorgeous friends or she's in a chit-chat with one dude or the other.

What's Cy's claim to fame or claim to notoriety? It's that she's been bedded by all and sundry.

All colours and height and mass of men, as long as they are liquid or pretend to be. Talk about men in government circles, talk about so called happening dudes with free money to throw about, legend has it that Cy is so gullible she can't say NO! Her legend having gone ahead of her, she was always on demand.

Why so RAMPANT? Is it so that she can carry the latest bags or so that she can wear the new shoe in vogue, or so that she can continue to dress sexy or so that she can be able to retain her stunning look, or just so that she could be seen to move in certain circles? Questions! questions!! questions!!!

So bad is her reputation that even the men are now very very wary and careful not to be seen so openly with her, because it's like a bad stain. Now they just want a quick sting and withdraw.

We hear her current state of mind is that she feels betrayed and let down by men, who had freely taken advantage of her gullibility and so have been there, done that and have scampered away, without looking back, only to go advertise her legend to the next.

Currently the stunner without gumption, has decided to take solace in her kind, instead of the men just using and dumping, she's decided on loving the women.

You need to hear both men and women discussing this south-south damsel like she's some form of commodity.

The question that just continually pops up to us, is that "how can beauty somehow now become an albatross on the neck of the owner"?

Imagine that at one point, Cy and her sister who is married, to the delight of their mom, showed a part of their skills not too long ago, twerking upside down with such dexterity, that would have made even professional strippers like delishhhis green with envy. The way the bum rippled and danced and jiggled, was unbelievable.

So is it that her ignominious life style is backed by her mother's endorsement?

Now you understand the reason for the tag, Cy the RAMPANT! 

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