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Monday, February 19, 2018


Kunle Aluko, HMO & friend

Seyi Tinubu, Kunle Aluko & friend

HMO, Segun Agbaje & Friend

The annual gathering of money bags, young Turks, the creme de la creme of the society and their ladies and kids is on again. It began last week and would run through this week, ending with a bang on Sunday with some top class entertainment. King Sunny Ade and many of our in the moment top artistes and stars have performed at various times, so it's very likely some big artistes would end the annual tournament again this year too.

Polo is not called the "king of games or the "game of kings" just for fun. It's because the patrons of the game are not mere men, but mostly very liquid men. Reason for that basically is that to even afford the horses used to play the game alone is no beans! So in most parts of the world, those who own teams and play the game are the wealthy. Those who have the means but who don't participate actively by playing, buy the best players and horses to play for them. So like it obtains around the world, so also in Nigeria too.

Some of those horses you see people riding like they are notgnot can build a house or buy some normal cars!

So if you have any reason to want to rub shoulders with the creme of the society then, please head immediately to the Polo club Ikoyi, where they would all be at again throughout the week, better still from Wednesday.

Some of those seen at the polo club, Ikoyi venue during the outgone week, were the likes of Kunle Aluko, Hakeem Muri-Okunola, Seyi Tinubu and very many others.

This year's sponsor is GTbank, amongst several others though.

Check out their pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Just pictures, no name underneath! Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

Blair Witch said...

I predict from my crystal ball that aloba will not enable loads of comments for this post. Hahahahahahaha

I won’t waste my ‘typing energy’

Anonymous said...

Saw Jolaoso there. Thought it was in the news months ago that he scammed Sijumoto? Wayo man die. Wayo man bury am. Bunch of jobless ones

Anonymous said...

love that picture of HMO jumping

meanwhile ify oji is married to olusegun andrew. a huge money bag, she did well.

Anonymous said...

O ma se o... Femi Akande has been reduced to "a friend" status. lol

Fan said...

Looks like Kayode, his younger brother.

ITK said...

She did well cos she married a way older richer man?

Anonymous said...

Please which Ify? The model married to Austin Okpe?

Fan said...

Ojy and Ify are two different names entirely.

Anonymous said...

@ITK... nothing wrong with a way older man. late 50's aint bad.

and a billionaire. that treats her like a queen. score.

Anonymous said...

Is he kayode still separated 4rm his wife

ITK said...

Nothing wrong...the emphasis on her doing well was on the wealth of Mr Paul.