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Monday, October 21, 2019


Nwanneka Nkumah aka MizWanneka 

To be a big player in the lifestyle sector now seems like the best thing to do. Most especially to be an hair merchant, as nothing seems to compare to it right now in terms of making good profit. Those engaged in it are seemingly raking in the money in loads and torrents. Ask the likes of Chioma Ikokwu & Kika Osunde of Good Hair. Also ask Akunna of Kuku's Hair and most especially too, ask MizWanneka, who just took delivery of her very own 120m Naira rated 2020 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG in matt black! That she bought with her sweat and hardwork.

Nwanneka Nkumah aka MizWanneka, the self styled Africa's Nos 1 hair boss, whose entrepreneurial prowess has been commended  & rewarded took delivery of her monster on wheels, just a few days ago and it has been celebration galore since then.

The 9 speed automatic gear box monster has a starting price of $147,500, and that's just for starters. Multiply that by a base N360 exchange rate, that equals about N53,100,000 plus, then add 70% clearing which is (35% import duty and 35% levy) that also comes to about N37,170,000 making a total of about N90,270,000. The 90 plus million is just for starters as the car could even cost more depending on specification and the clearance could still have some other additional too. So we are talking of an SUV costing between (100 to 120million Naira).

Whoever then that claims that there's no money in the hair business in Nigeria is most definitely a bloody liar!

Akunna of Kuku's Hair who is probably one of the biggest in the luxury hair market in Lagos and most probably in Nigeria, regularly carries her 'Hermes Birkin in Crocodile' amongst several other ones, which could come to about $150,000, that's about N54million Naira for one bag, which would most conveniently buy the 2020 G63 AMG, without batting an eye and one would still collect good change from such a purchase.

The super stylish Akunna Nwala-Akanmo, who is a married mother of one, with the' 'awesomely bodacious body' is an avowed fashionista of note, who most likely could own more than one of that most coveted of bags in her enviable collection. We have heard several times about how her wardrobe and collection are a to die for. But this story is not about her, but about Nwanneka.

To also show how that the hair business must be a major money spinner, one can also see how 2 of the most visible in the business too, in Kika Osunde and Chioma Ikokwu, are always lounging luxuriously, having the best of fun, wearing the best of designer garbs and carrying the best of accessories too like they owned the companies making those things. Flying about to some of the most exotic places in the world in business class or upper, like they are trekking to VI. Their wardrobes must be in excess of millions and millions of Naira. If all things work out as they would, even Chioma from what we hear, could be launching a humongous car/SUV soon, maybe a Velar or something much more awesome and costlier. We are waiting and watching. Her multimillion Naira home or penthouse in Ikoyi, already speaks volume.

One other person cruising about town in her own AMG G63 for a bit now is @badgirlkelly. Her own though is one kind of those gorgeous cappuccino color, which always-always gets people's nods of admiration whenever they come across it.

From how the elated Nwanneka expressed happiness at receiving her new car, as she says grace and hardwork is what has brought her thus far. We are too sure that this is just the beginning.

Read what she said as she expressed her joy in full above in the picture.



Anonymous said...

Good for her.

Anonymous said...

I pity 0ur innocent young girls looking up to all this prostitute as a mentor🤐

Anonymous said...

At least this one is making hard earned money working really hard unlike the others like Chioma and Kika that are high class prostitutes posing as hair sellers!!

Anonymous said...

vain nigerians
No wonder spirit of Mammon has its headquarters in Nigeria 🇳🇬. Bags shoes cars clothes that's all you people know. See vanity personified y low self esteem b1tches always seeking validation from strangers on social media

Thank God I'm not Nigerian

Anonymous said...

hmmmm so is hair money she used to buy this type of car.the lady is too arrogant and her show off is too much.


Anonymous said...

Haters are gonna hate. Wait till you have money, then let’s see your attitude. Till then zip it please

Anonymous said...

Is she married?

Anonymous said...

..... But you are on a Nigerian blog sipping tea. Ewu!

Anonymous said...

I am Nigerian and I can’t dispute anything you have said.
It is such a pity when you see Nigerian youth struggle daily just to acquire immaterial vain assets instead of asking the government why they can’t access mortgage loans, student loans and build a secured future. I tire for them!
There’s nothing bad in living well and looking good but it shouldn’t be our priority. Even those from the slums want to “waka” get money and buy iPhone, carry human hair for head. Instead of trying to Change the narrative of getting good education, starting good businesses and acquiring a decent place to live.

Anonymous said...

Her fellow washers are getting arrested and this silly babe is drawing attention to herself? This need for external validation will put into real trouble

Anonymous said...

Yes with 3 children

Anonymous said...

I’m curious, What does that have to do with anything? I’ll honestly come back for your response

Blair Witch said...

It can never be from selling hair alone, never, she added something else to it so the money will be complete to buy the car. Her husband may be in a drug cartel or she goes to Dubai to eat poo 💩. 🤮 I am sorry for the misguided youths of this country tapping into this thinking it is God’s blessing. Una go suffer las las.

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY NOT HAIR MONEY. They will all be exposed soon with their fake story

Anonymous said...

@Blair Well said. She need to be only one that sells hair in Naija to make money yo but such car. Is all hype and form.