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Sunday, December 5, 2010


1. She is a very well known thespian, who loves controversies, she's been in and out of several, that some have even renamed her 'miss controversy', she is very attractive and light complexioned, we hear she has a very sexy and prominent tattoo on her body, at a point that she was always filming in the Niger Delta state of a recently outsted governor, she was openly dating a very married top government functionary and both didnt mind that everyone knew about the whole matter, including the man's wife, the guy's first name starts with the first alphabet A and ends with the 21 st alphabet and his second name starts with the 16th letter and ends with the 11th, apart from this, the beautiful actress is known to have dated several people and has really hit it big now, even selling top of the range cars, she herself cruising around in a German dream machine, she was said to have dated a young barely legal entertainer recently, who is facing accusation of copying someone else's song and she was said to have fallen heads over heels in love, with the little boy's boyish and innocent like charm that she even gifted him a car, though that later seem to have caused a problem, as little entertainer whose stage name depicts a genius somewhat, is said to be a ladies man,and was seen cruising around town with several babes like an adonis andthis was a total let down that makes our actress cry everytime. While the actress/business woman is in her middle 20's, the entertainer only just clocked 21 or so

2. This 2 are presently 2 of the main culprits in the new and so called exciting world of having the best of both worlds, one is a former thespian and married to a stinkingly rich dude and is as beautiful as they come, the other is a young entrepreneur who seem to be doing very well for herself and is in a serious relationship with a top government functionary, who dotes on her so much and also sometimes dents her ego with beatings, they are very both well connected and very very light complexioned, but the underlying truth about both is that they prefer their own sex to the opposite sex and are really top madames in the game, who enjoys recruiting young,willing and experimental 'girls' into their games. One of the lady was said to have recently dealt very madly with one of her recruits not too long ago, for dearing to have something with her man, the young and totally strung out young lady was tricked to a trip on 3rd mainland bridge and was beaten blue black and with the fear of been thrown off the bridge next time,before she was let go.

3. Who is this very handsome and stylish dude from a very rich home, a member of the family was recently indicted for finance related mess and paid back a staggering amount, the young dude, whose is very married to a stunning beauty is known to be a drug addict and also a sex addict, he has dealt with a lot of the happening babes in town severally, he was said to have shown a raunchy video of him and his ex at a joint sometime back to all is friends, he was recently put in charge of company that is involved with flying, but the latest news in town, is that his past has caught up with him, he is said to have been diagnosed HIV positive, though unconfirmed, but because he is well heeled, he is said to be taking care of the situation very well.

4. She is a very well known socialite, very stylish at that and has won many awards on the style stake, her wardrobe we hear would rival that of many of the best dressed from any part of the world, she knows where to get all the best brands and names in the world, she loves going 1st or business class on her frequent trips to some of the most exotic parts of the world-Beirut, Lebanon, Paris, France etc, her only visible line of business is that she owns a store on the island, at a point to live her first class life, she was double dating 2 multi-milliionaires in the same town, who both doted on her and were at her beck and call to meet her several needs. While one of the men from the south-west was supposedly very married, the other is not and his from the Niger delta, both are very well connected, at a point our stylish socialite was even said to have bedded one of the son's of her main benefactor without caring, as long as she's satisfied let everyone else hang!!!!!.This young son of her benefactor is also married, and is in knowledge of his dad dating the lady.


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Anonymous said...

Number 3 = Obaro Ibru! I can't decipher the rest!!

Anonymous said...

No 2- toyin lawani dating aremo oniru and caroline ekanem married to musa danjumas younger broda . . . Gbamm

Anonymous said...

1. tonto dike and whiz kid
2. toyin lawani and caroline danjuma
3. Obaro Ibru
4. vivian chiologi

Tee said...

1st: Whiz kid & Tonto Dike
2nd: Caroline Danjuma dunno who the 2nd lady is
3rd: Obaru Ibru
5th: No Idea