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Friday, December 31, 2010


The Teflon don came,saw and conquered on December 28,2010 in Lagos, at a concert put together by the Femi Akande led Kilimanjaro team in collaboration with the Storm 360 team, where Obi Asika,Olisa Adibua & Tola Odunsi holds the rein,Kilimanjaro over the years have packaged some of the most memorable concerts in the country, many would never forget that Valentine day concert with JOE,many years back. This would be Rick Ross second coming into Lagos,Nigeria in under a month!!!!!!, it must mean that the fun here is 2nd to none, I had heard how after Rick Ross had finished his performance when he came the 1st time, he was approached by some guys to come perform at a private party somewhere in Abuja, and he had billed them a whopping $100,000 , a fee which the boys put together there and then and he was whisked straight to the FCT on a private jet, where for that fee he appeared at a 10 yrs old party and then a private company's end of the year gig to a crowd of 40, and after that he came back to Lagos aboard the same private jet enroute the US. For this particular concert, he had as supporting acts- YQ,IYANYA,WIZKID,DR SID & MI. And truth be told, and this is my personal opinion, my 2 best act of the night were Dr sid and the great MI-whose stage presence and performance, seem to be getting better and better every time ,that's apart from Rick Ross, who had great fun,performing all his great hits,one after another for close to 2 hours and one major thing i have noticed is that Nigerians always dress to most occasions as if its a fashion show, and at this concert many were dressed to the nines,unbelievably skyhigh stilettos,very short and skimpy skirts, IT bags on display and so much more. MM was around to cover the event.


Anonymous said...

naija my country......some people were right on point some totally off, but then again wassup with the guy with clutches
love love naija
good work
please keep us posted

Chilling said...

Couldn't the guy with the clutches stay at home to recover fully? Nigerians, we are just too extra. Obi Asika needs to lose some weight, he looks so unhealthy!

Anonymous said...

@ chilling & anon pls do a spell check first before you comment. Nigerians you are just too extra as you say

Anonymous said...

Anon January 3, 2011 10:25 AM; pls this isn't an English language class. Lol