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Monday, May 30, 2011


''Seest thou a man diligent in his business?, he shall stand before KINGS-people of means,influence,Rich/Wealthy etc: he shall not stand before mean men-Inconsequential or of non-repute.''

A man's gift-Talent/Skills/Calling-maketh room for him,and bringeth him before great men-Authorities,Powers,Rulers,People of Influence etc

This 2 quotable quotes perfectly describes the sublimely talented & blessed Ace photographer TY Bello,being a photographer to the people that counts is only just one of her gifts, she is also a trained lawyer and an award winning musician, who was formerly of that fantastic group KUSH, before she later successfully going solo:remember that hit track-the Land is Green.

Many years back, If one were to tell friends,family members etal, that one was going to become a photographer, especially if the financial means to support having proper education is available, most likely that person would be castigated to high heavens or would be told to have his/her head examined, its that same vocation that was not too attractive to many then, that some very well educated individuals have turned into very lucrative profession now, the likes of Kelechi Amadi Obi reputed to be the best fashion photographer in Nigeria, Uche James Iroha reputed to be one of the most artistically gifted photographer around, others like Ade Plumptre,Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko & TY Bello who has taken the art of taking potraits to another level.

This individuals and many others not mentioned here have upped the ante, and have shown that photography is not just about point & shoot, but is a major art form, and like Sculpting,painting etc it needs diligence & strong passion to seperate one from the pack.  For example, TY has been a favorite of the well heeled & influential for some years now, her talent or is it gift, through hardwork & diligence has connected her, I dont know if anyone saw the family potrait of the 1st family recently as published in the THISDAY Style magazine, I can say matter of factly, that I have never seen the 1st, lady look that young & beautiful before, that is a testimony of how good TY is, to the extent that she seems to have become the official photographer to the 1st family. I also saw her at the innaguration of the president in Abuja, running around near the motorcade, carrying her signature Afro hair, making sure to position well to take the best shots. Its definitely the best of times for this very talented lady and one is praying for a continual ascendance.

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