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Thursday, July 20, 2017


Professor Ben Ayade, Executive Governor of Cross Rivers
Senator Florence Ita-Giwa
Something needs to be done and very quickly at that before this clash of the titans could go awry, if care is not taken. Already over the weekend Police were involved as Senator Florence Ita-Giwa was grilled for over 2 hours.

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There had been some form of simmering feud of recent between the Executive Governor of Cross-Rivers State, Professor Ben Ayade and Mma Bakassi, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa. The bone of contention mainly according to the gist might have been due to the expose by the gorgeous 71 year old dame, on the account of her raising blue raising hell about the despicably evil diversions of very much needed relief materials, that was for her suffering and neglected people in Bakassi, which by some certain twist of fate was strangely diverted. And since these were tangible materials, they couldn't have been diverted by ghosts!!!

But instead of accusing fingers to be pointed at the perpetrators of such a terrible act and then they be brought to book, it is the whistle-blower that is now facing intimidation of all sort. Strangely, it is now the accuser that has now become the accused!

That expose seemed to have triggered some form of immediate retribution, as not long after that incidence, her Landcruiser Prado SUV, that was given to her by the same State Government previously, was withdrawn with immediate alacrity! Which signaled some form of declaration of war! From that time hence, it has been one form of subtle intimidation after the other.

All of these shameless occurrences seem to have become some form of fatal attractions, that has become increasingly scary.

Just over the weekend, while madam was putting finishing touches to her plans about her mass rally to herald her official declaration for the ruling national party, the APC and by extension a total cut off from her former party the PDP, she received an invitation from the Police to report immediately at their station????

What that immediately suggested was that there was either a mole or two actually planted amongst her staff members. To monitor all her movements and actions and report same to her watchers.

Imagine that the Police themselves told her she had not being arrested, but invited for a chat and it's because her influence and popularity has become a source of concern, that the Government feels that she might actually turn her mass rally into a riot! Meaning that the powers that be were of the opinion that she could use her mass rally to destabilise the state! What?
So she wasn't arrested at all according to them, but she was a special guest of the police for over 2 hours, explaining herself.

This is the same Mma Bakassi that has led many or better put several protests/rallies in the past to bring attention to the plight of her suffering people of Bakassi, without any form of trouble whatsoever, either minute or big! Imagine that at one of those past rallies/protests then, one of those most prominent there, is now the Commissioner that's the most vocal against the Senator! Since like they say, he that pays the piper, dictates the tune. Is that another intentional turn of event?
1.) Mma Bakassi with some of the Bakassi returnees

2.) Large crowd of returnees gather around Senator Florence Ita-Giwa
Just imagine also that prior to that "special invitation" by the police, Mma Bakassi had gone around like she usually does, to check on her Bakassi people (see pictures 1 &2 above) ; this time around she had even gone to meet with the very many newly sacked returnees of Bakassi from Cameroun, whose plight was becoming terribly unbearable and were in need of some form of succuor, as they had become refugees in their own state. No house, no source of livelihood, bleak future!

So are all these happenstances that have occurred some form of "Psychological intimidation"?

What's the fatal attraction all about?
Why the antagonism? Why be jittery about a 71 years old woman, who is not in anyway or manner running for any election or elective office or even against you?

Many have cross-carpeted to other parties without any unnecessary intimidation whatsover, so why is Mma Bakassi's own different?

What is actually going on???

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