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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Adaobi Nwakuche and Ndidi Obioha

Mr & Mrs Osita & Patricia Onumonu

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! The excitement has refused to subside since Saturday, July 29, 2017 which was the d+day of the grand opening of the Trish 'O' Plaza on 27, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

That date was the official opening of the new HQ of the top Nigerian fashion brand Trish 'O' Couture. It was also the day of the official launch of the brand's new business venture, which is "Trish 'O'Luxury Interiors", a brand strictly into the best of Italian furnitures and furnishings and all of the first class home accessories that makes every home a stand out and not ending there, it was also the Celebration of the birthday of the creative director and MD of the brands, in the person of Patricia Onumonu better known as Tricia or Trish 'O' by most.

To show that even the heavens approved of the day and all that went on, there was a very healthy "showers of blessings" that poured relentlessly from the sky, till just about the time that the building and business was going to be declared opened. At first everyone had felt that the rain was going to mar the event and stop people from coming in high numbers, but in less than 2 hours after the outpouring, the venue was filled to the brim.

The avalanche of beautiful, very stylish and the very well heeled was unprecedented. Like some would say figuratively, they came in torrents and relentlessly.

The beautiful event was organised by the supremely gorgeous (a supremo fashionista to the core) and award winning "event queen"- Ndidi Obioha of Enthyst Events, who put her expertise and experience to great use, space was very well managed and decoration was on point. Arrangements to say the least was top notch, kudos Enthyst

The whole ambience was "gobsmarkingly beautiful" and very welcoming at that too. The canapes were totally and scrumptiously on point, imagine such delights like "chicken lollipops", "prawn cocktails", "jollof rice in cocktail cups", "Shrimp Irie" and "Chicken Wrap", so well named, totally exotic and yummy that we had many helpings and was still not satisfied.

All of these items were coming out one after the other served with delight to the guests.

While the fashion section was on the ground floor, and people were very mesmerised by the colours and the cuts and style, the furniture explosion of the very best of Italian craftsmanship was upstairs.

So while people were picking their delights, they were also networking and backslapping in a beautiful environment.

The event afforded the brand the opportunity to also unveil the season's new collection to the delight of all, as there was a mini fashion show, where the daughter of the creative director dazzled all like she was a professional model, though she's just 10!

The models that were picked to showcase the collection were specifically picked to be as close to normal sizes as much as possible, though the outfits were all already exquisitely made, their (models) carriage added value to what they wore too, so they shown like stars on the mini catwalk.

All in all, it was a very beautifully colourful event, that all who attended commended.

For more information or enquiries about this one of a kind Nigerian brand, please email admin@trisholuxuryinteriors.com or check the website- trisholuxuryinteriors.com or check Instagram @trisholuxuryinteriors
Facebook- @trisholuxuryinteriors
Google Plus- @trisholuxuryinteriors
YouTube - @trisholuxuryinteriors
Twitter- @trisholuxury
Pinterest- @trisholuxuryinteriors

Check out more of the colourful pictures of the event below.

More pictures after the break.

...with Ndidi Obioha

Fifi the moon and Susan Eyo-Honesty


Kemi Adeleke KFA & Ndidi Obioha

...with the founder of AFWN & AFWL

Mr. Onumonu & sons

Susan Eyo Honesty & Ndidi Obioha

Chief Mrs. Cordelia Agboti

The Priest after declaring the plaza opened.

Cutting the tape

Fifi the moon & Akunna

Menswear top designer VANSKERE

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