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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Champagnes🍾 are popping, birds are chirping excitedly and singing sonorous "love tunes"; the robin birds and the nightingales are in consonant raising the tunes singing like Stevie Wonder "For your love, I would do anything, just to see the smile upon your face, for your love I would go anywhere"....  , even the thunder had to add his melodious baritone, in gorgeous melody.

The stars are in array, blinking stupendously,  shining so brightly in supreme ecstasy, just as "cupid" itself has gone totally gaga, "shooting uncountable arrows of love" hitting the target with much aplomb and gorgeous frenzy, in celebration of this gorgeous duo.

So it's "just" only one glorious year..... Just a year???? And it's like it's already a lovely decade, like it's already forever (in the voice of the incredible Luther Vandross) as these gorgeous couple, lovebirds of the most incredible kind marks their 1st anniversary together as man and woman. By that we mean as husband and wife!

Just like yesterday, sometime last year in August 2016, a day and date that would remain indelible in the hearts of the couple, in the idyllic, picturesque and romantic Lake Como, at the Villa Erba a 19th century Villa in Milano Italy, was when the once, "man about town", in the person of Seyi Afolabi Tinubu on bended knees, took as wife, the supremely gorgeous and magnificently intelligent former Miss Layal Holm as his wife, till forever and ever.

It has been a rollercoaster of wonderfully positive emotions ever since then and they have been blessed with a baby girl by name "Noella Amira Rose Titilayo Asabi Simisola Tinubu", to add to their untainted joy and love.

To mark the day, the very love swept Seyi we heard from our usual bird "🐦" in the sky, is likely to go to the moon and other planets and back, to show his avowed, unprecedented and selfless appreciation to the woman he has always openly announced and acknowledged to the world as his best friend and number 1 partner bar none.

So totally into each other are this couple, that Seyi "literally" worships the ground that the "gobsmarkingly" beautiful Layal walks on, and she in return dotes on him so very much like her very energy/lifeforce comes from him.

Both are truly the "epitome of being truly entwined and being in sync, spirit, soul and body.

If we can correctly predict, Seyi being a "hopeless romantic that he is", would most certainly serenade his wife to the heavens and back and we can bet, there would be the exchange of "gorgeous" gifts. Maybe this would be the day, that another joy would be made, wink! Wink!!

Yes Layal and gorgeous daughter Noella are finally in town, so it- the celebration is going to be done hear in Lagos, Nigeria, maybe some candlelight she-bangs etc!!!

We would just love to say a vert big/massive congratulations to the cool couple, who makes love look so "totally uncomplicated and comfortable".

Happy 1st anniversary from us!

So where's the party at? On the awoof tip. Lol!!!!

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