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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ABUJA's Computerised JUJU HOUSE

Just heard about this Juju (Jazz house) like a lot of people would prefer to call it, am so sure you are still wondering, so what if there is a jazz house in Abuja or better still juju house, whats wrong with that??.

MM is not talking about a music joint of any kind, we are talking about an Herbalist office somewhere in Abuja, the seat of power (the Federal Capital City). And the curious thing we hear, is that its completely futuristic in everyway you can imagine, full reception area that is said to be  well air-conditioned and the other very suprising thing we hear is that, the office is completely computerised, meaning Babalawo's like the yorubas call them  now consults the gods or is it goddesses, in very clean and direct ways, no more the very dirty looking, scary and sinister abode of the witch doctors of old.  Now we hear, its been run like a proper business and we hear, they have many top clients who patronise them.                                  

 Incase people are curious to know the particular address of the place, what we have been able to learn, is that its somewhere in Wuse 2, Abuja and you need to know some people in the know, who would get people appointment for a visit

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