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Monday, April 4, 2011


Visafone, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing mobile operators, has further strengthened its market position by acquiring Multi-links Communications Limited’s CDMA mobile assets. The Multi-links acquisition further cements Visafone as the leader of all CDMA mobile phone operators in Africa. Multi-links is arguably the oldest mobile phone company in Nigeria, having been operating in Nigeria for over fifteen years. Multi-links has an enviable, high quality subscriber base, some of whom have been on their network before the mobile telephony explosion in Nigeria.

The combined entity of Visafone and Multi-links creates a total active subscriber base of 4.2 million. This new union now amasses a coverage area that cuts across over 85% of Nigeria’s land mass. Jim Ovia, Chairman and Founder of Visafone, is strategically redefining and reshaping the CDMA mobile marketplace in terms of both voice and data.

In a signing ceremony held in Johannesburg, South Africa on Friday 31 March 2011, with Jeffrey Hedberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Telkom, the parent company of Multilinks, Jim Ovia stated that “Visafone recognises that this deal will solidify its position in the Nigerian marketplace and is committed to offering world-class voice and data solutions to existing Multilinks customers. This transaction brings us closer to achieving our target of 10 million subscribers within 3 years. We believe that the superior technology offered by CDMA, combined with a subscriber base of 4.2 million active subscribers will enable Visafone to continue as a game-changing innovator in the Nigerian marketplace. Multilinks customers will be afforded the same high quality of network and customer service as existing Visafone subscribers enjoy.”

Multilinks has assured its customers that they will continue to offer a high level of service and support during this transition period.

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