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Monday, April 15, 2013


 I met Dare once at a highbrow hotel tucked inside Ikoyi one night. I was trying to sell a project that had to do with his home state- Kogi. Looking as handsome as ever, he walked in listened to me very patiently and gave me his thoughts. Although I did not get what I wanted from him, I left the place proud of the man he had become.

Dare caught my interest from his radio days simply because of who he is. I grew up on his father. Let me confess my soft spot for Jazz and Classical music, hence my interest in Art Modupelola Alade. I used to sneak in my youth to his dad's club in Yaba, although I could not enter, the mere fact that I could stand in front of the place was enough for me.

So when I first listened to Dare it was a dream come true for me. I supported him in the South African reality programme and cried when he did not come tops. I like his voice, the deep baritone and the ranges he reaches and also his energy and zest for life.

His collaborations with Tuface, the playfulness of the video, his collaborations with Flavour and the video on Broad Street are all simply the work of a genius.

But I sensed a confusion and I told his very beautiful wife when I met her. Dare wants to bestride two worlds. The street hip hop world of  Tuface and D banj and the more serious well composed Jazz world of his father. This seeming confusion has made him an average artiste and has limited his full growth as a mature artiste. I sense his youthfulness has a lot to do with this. He dresses like the modern day rapper, but carries the voice of the legendary Italian baritone, Luciano Pavarotti. His albums and songs have something for both class of listeners and that limits loyalty.


The confusion was so glaring at his last outing at 'Eko Hotel with Kim Kardashian'. He had duets with modern day artistes who were not as talented but carried more followers because of the need for our barely literate musical public who cannot do without their regular doses of such stupid songs as played by the likes of P Square and the rest.

My take is that Dare should bow to the calling of his birth. He should lean heavily towards the music of his heritage. His God given talent and voice would see him through. People like us that love Jazz tinged songs, well written and composed, with deep meanings would stand by him. He should be loyal to his genre and continue to build slowly but surely his market niche.

He should look up to players like Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Johnny Gill, Adele amongst others who have not been carried away by the street thrash of rap and hip hop but have stayed faithful to their talents.

If Dare would take my advise, he would still be making waves long after the  P Square's, Wizkids, Lynxxx of these worlds have long been forgotten. See what Omawunmi did last week. She has held her own by staying true to her talent and has succeeded in carving her own niche.

So Dare my man, the world is yours.....Seize it. Say me hi to madam o, such a beautiful and well groomed lady. I met her o and she made a lasting impression

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Anonymous said...

i fail to see the point in this post... if the writer is so determine to send this msg to Dare why dont he just send Dare a post card ..... mtchewwwwwssss

it is Dare voice and he can choose whatever part of genre he decides to use that gift. Regardless of what genre it is the quality of the output that makes the difference.