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Monday, April 29, 2013



When I got the BB message from Abu, the enigmatic Publisher of Mode Men, asking me to be part of the Seventh year anniversary of the magazine at the Raddison Blu Hotel, I knew I was up for an exciting turn. The dress code was as usual different. We were all expected to come in black as if it would be a gathering of kidnappers.

Well as I always do in these celebrity things, I dress simple. I do this because I am not expected to compete with people whose job it is to look good. So to my friend Patrick at Falomo Bus Stop, I ran to, and he gave me a body fitting Polo top. I matched this with my navy blue khaki pants Kalu had sewn for me and completed the look with my favourite Zara wet look loafers and I was ready to wine and dine with the glitteratti.

Immediately I walked in, I saw the very brilliant Yinka Davies. Now this is one Diva I respect with every vein in my body. We had a handshake, I hugged her and took some pictures with her. She remained gracious and took my fawning with characteristic glee. I looked around the room and saw so many interesting people and began to wonder how Abu does it. Abiye Karibi-Whyte and his delectable wife, Aloba and his exotic wife, Seyi Shay, the who wants to be a millionaire guy, with his sofay trouser, Okey Bakassi and so many wonderful people.

But my story today, hmmm, na Alex and Uti o!!! I found myself seated on the same table with these people o.  Kai, these people fine o. Me and my friend Bose Alimi, were just staring. Bose didn't eat throughout from amazement o. Let me start with Alex. I had once seen him at Chivita and I immediately thought he was Brazilian. The skin, the height and the aloofness caught my attention. So seated so close to him, made me feel so ordinary. The boy fine pass Beckham. Boyish, playful and charismatic. I said a little prayer and said hello to him. He immediately responded like we were childhood friends and we started playing like Amaechi and Jonathan.

After sometime, I said my little prayer again and walked up to Uti. Now this is a different story. Seated opposite him, Bose and I had studied him very well o.  The dreads on his head were 56 strands, yes I counted it o. His skin was smooth and chocolatey although covered with light makeup. A slight resemblance to my King Tubaba, made me go further weak in the knees. I squeaked hello and in his smooth voice responded and we had a little business talk.

I took picture with him o and my stupid blackberry battery died as soon as the shot was taken. Well sha, he shook me and I smelt his perfume. I went back to Bose, who asked me about the experience. I told her to go have her own but she shy.

Well, I have read so much about these two guys and have also heard so much. I think these are great guys, who bring sparkle to every gathering. I have watched them from afar at events and see the way they laugh and radiate joy. I simply love them not only for their looks but also for what they represent, which to me is simplicity and love. So talented in what they know how to do best, yet so humble as to play childish pranks that spreads laughter. They are two great guys and I simply admire them and I know dey quick like people, ask Aloba.

The only draw back in the evening was that, just as I was warming up to ask Alex to give me that exquisite suit he was wearing, Bose whispers into my ears, say no be him own. That the dark angry looking Yoruba guy seated beside him was the real owner of the suit and was waiting to collect it. So I respect myself.

Well sha, suit or no suit, Alex and Uti have today won my heart, with their great looks, taste in clothes, but above all their childish innocence and humility. Great guys.


Rolake said...

Lol....Was waiting for 'gist' since you sat close to them. Love the way you write. Thumbs up

Anonymous said...

U must be GAY ! See all the descriptions you gave u even went as far as smelling him ewww u disgust me . Gay folks .

Anonymous said...

Edgar am beginning to like d way u write
its deep
keep it tight
thumbs up


Anonymous said...

So true!
I was expecting you to say those gay tendencies everyone says they see. But I've been around those two and it is just pure friendship. They share same jokes and seem to look out for each other.


And I love that no matter what everyone or rumour says, they still stick to their friendship.

Anonymous said...

Asin this is so gay

Anonymous said...

wat is so gay abt dis write up pls?dis re jst cool frnds,y is deir own story diff?is it becus dey re celebs!nigerians nd poor mentality..if dey were to be ordinary pple who wuld bother talking abt dem..well kip talking nd lt dis guys mak deir cool cash..

Anonymous said...

Haters should go to hell. Both of them will be friends forever. U gys should go get a life.Edgar u make sense oooo.love ur write ups ok.keep it up

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you...