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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 When I first saw the flier for Omawunmi’s show I barely noticed it.  Not that I don’t like her or her brand of music, but as a hardworking Investment banker and a die-hard Tuface fan, I did not feel that spending money on Omawunmi would be maximizing my time and resources.

However, as fate would have it, I found myself at the Oriental Hotel venue of the concert. The show like most shows in Nigeria started at exactly 9.30PM instead of the advertised 7PM.  Those of us who came terribly late did not miss anything. I was so miffed and thought about asking for a refund. Yes Tuface and maybe P Square can keep me waiting......, but Omawuni? No o, she never reach that level naaaa.
My anger evaporated immediately she came on stage. She was gloriously electric, the lighting and the stage designs were all world class. All of these dwarfed the initial poor audio quality and prepared me for a magical evening.

The highpoint of the night for me was the appearance of the recently married Tuface. All spruced up in a dark suit, he showed why today he is the official numero uno.  Singing with Omawunmi and doing a solo number, he left the stage with the crowd panting for more.

Four ladies who all wore red (I don forget them name sha) came out and gave me goose bumps with their powerful voices, they were followed in quick succession by Timaya, Wizkid and the elegant stallion herself, Onyeka Onwenu. The crowd went wild when Onyeka appeared in a red ensemble.
Another remarkable thing was the introduction of the original owner of her popular song 'Bottom Belle'. The old man came on stage and said a few words and concluded by singing his song.

Omawunmi’s poise, confidence and sheer sagacity all culminated in making the night a magical one. She interspersed her performances with jokes and little talk that drew the crowd to her. It was a brilliant performance and also a wonderful attempt at professional organization despite the little glitch of starting late. The bodyguards all looked like bodyguards, well fed and well attired, the guests all looked like they were attending the Grammys’. It was a far cry from what I saw at the Dare Art Alade Kim Kardashian Circus. The artistes were well rehearsed, well dressed and courteous. It was a celebration of one of the few great things that this country is all about.

So Madam Omas, my boy is a brilliant young man who dreams of being a cartoonist. He is very level headed and like him papa, very good looking. He dresses like Wizkid, loves football and attends Green Springs School. His dream is to re-design Aso rock. So kindly reach out to me on 08027339676, thats if you are interested in marrying her and bring your exact change for the dowry.  

Of cos I no go give change.


Anonymous said...

on d dare art alade comment
i totally agree with you
dat event made me feel somehow about attending events like that
since omawunmi has brought out the spark i may have a rethink, i mean who invites one to a show and ended up bn the only one to sing, and calling all good artistes for just appearance @ d end of d show just because he doesnt want others to take shine off him? dare u think next time u sell ur tkts for N1,00 i'll buy? hell no


Anonymous said...

Hmmm good for her.

Anonymous said...

Her name is Omawumi! I understand you guys write for the sake of it, because i have to tell you this article is rubbish but at least try and get their names right! Once again, the name is OMAWUMI!

emmanuel abadi said...

Personally i think omawunmi is really cool her style totally different she stands out