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Friday, April 5, 2013


 In case many don't know and we doubt that, Toyin Subair is the erstwhile boss and initiator of the wholly Nigerian  competitor to DSTV, known to most as HITV, which is now comatose.  A big shame we dare say.

When Hitv came in, it was a welcome development, as many who had felt that the other cable TV company was just having all the fun to the detriment of the viewers, who felt they were paying 'premium' but not necessarily getting value for their money. So with the advent of HITV, many felt the competition would bring the price down and also allow for more quality bouquet. In the short existence of HITV, truth be told, they gave Dstv a run for their money. AfricaMagic on Dstv developed to such an unprecedented height, the viewers were the lucky for it, Dstv had to develop attractive, alternate programmes to keep their subscribers. Hitv became the new bride, most especially because they had gotten the right to show the most watched program on cable network: that is the EPL (English Professional League). 

Loads and loads of people allover Nigeria, quickly crossed-over and got the HITV dish and subscribed, but instead of the operators of the network to develop other quality programmes side by side the EPL, while the going was good & also make sure to retain the rights to the EPL, something, somewhere happened. Firstly, the other competing brand got the right to the very lucrative EPL, first thing that happened was that, nearly everyone moved back to Dstv, by extension subscription money wasn't coming in again and most of the backers of Hitv weren't forthcoming, so they allowed, a good thing to die. The aftermath was that many of the staff members weren't paid for several months, productivity dropped to an all time low and now, the company is seemingly dead. 

The aftermath of the whole thing saw Toyin seemingly moving out of Nigeria. We don't know the reason(s) behind that decision. We have seen him a couple of times in the UK. He seem to be hibernating for now, whether re-strategizing to come back with a bang! We don't know yet. But we are waiting with bated breaths. When the going was still great and good, Toyin was a designer's favourite. Always looking stylish in colourful outfits, cruising around in his convertible Porsche Carrera 911. Now more in the UK than in Nigeria, we hear his taste for the good life has not abated. Being a close friend of one of Nigeria's richest young dude, in the person of Kola Aluko (the lord of Monaco) seems to have brought back his spirit. We hear, he not too long ago got delivery of another outstanding Porsche, the particular model we do not know yet. But what we hear is that, Toyin cruises around in London in that machine now. 

Hopefully, Kola Aluko might just bail Toyin out of his present predicament (we hear they are very close) and we all might just see the resurgence of a new improved and better run HITV. 



Anonymous said...

He tried to run before walking. Can't even compare to a well run company like DSTV.
Ojuololari or how do they say it?
He ran away with all the money and that's what he's spending in London right? Let him try himself and land in Lagos and he will see Kirikiri. Money miss road. Give a man money and his real character will come out.
Kola help someone? Instead, that one will want to take all you have.

Anonymous said...

Real moni miss road

China White said...

Awww, it was rather unfortunate that he found himself in this shit. The money was too much to handle and his moves were not properly planned. These days, most guys have gone low to enjoy their money without preying eyes and bad mouth. He could have just done that and still enjoyed himself in THE USUAL manner. He's not a money miss road, just a bad manager. He should learn from his Egbons, who Nigerians believe are broke, but are quietly enjoying their life..Dats the way to go dude. Its very razz to flaunt money these days.

Anonymous said...

You said it yourself; the money was too much to handle and he was a bad manager = money miss road. QED!

Anonymous said...

Am not sure HITV is coming back, its studios has bin converted to a news station for Television continental owned by tinubu. Biola ur informants dey give u fake. Dats y u go run into trouble one of des days.