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Friday, May 9, 2014


Style Icon extraordinaire Nkiru Anumudu never ceases to dazzle & sizzle in many of her various very upscale designer garbs. We hear she's on the mailing and phone list of some of the best brands in the world, most especially Dolce & Gabbana. It's very obvious she loves her collection of stuffs. A lot of the times you would see her in the Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter collections of these brands just as soon as they are out.  

Even her car collection speak volume, from the gorgeous custom Rolls Royce to the others. And if you love something it would show in your passion for collecting them. 

But one thing that is indisputably and is her major love (before the designer garbs and all) are her adorable kids & husband (that's not in any particular order though). 

Whenever she gets the chance to show off the very well trained & super brilliant kids, she doesn't hesitate to do so. Her daughter is most definitely going to take after her mama on the style stake, we can surely bet. The sons we hear are also perfect gentlemen.

In the picture above, we see her with one of her sons arriving at an event. We do not see the kids that often, so when we do, it;s a big deal.


Anonymous said...

that guy n dark shades #3 pix - who stare like that!


Anonymous said...

The gay son? Or this is another one?

Anonymous said...

kudos to her for raising such well rounded kids..

defacto said...

Style icon indeed! She looks like something that might frighten little children.In fact,she reminds me of one those women that one sees in the dodgier parts of mumbai.

Anonymous said...

See Nigerian women needs to stop dressing their young sons like men. Her young son looks far older than his age, because of the severe looking suit he is wearing, that is reserved for older men. The young man would have won a shirt and a pair of trousers, either tucked in or left untucked, not wearing proper shoes but high tops. HE IS YOUNG

Flex said...

@anon 8:34am, that comment of yours is so stupid! He's in Church and also at a wedding reception. Guess being rachett is your idea of being young. He's in his mid twenties. He should dress like Davido or Wizzy abi? Common shut up there. Thats an appropriate dressing for the occasion.

Anonymous said...

thanks @ flex people just like to yarn about things they don't know

Fan said...

defacto; major LOL!

Insane comment. Like you know them to be casting aspersions on how the gentleman dresses?

Anonymous said...

To all ye voltrons, you are the ones comparing the said young man with Davido and Wizkid. "Comparison is the thief of joy"