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Monday, May 12, 2014


We came across this mail and thought it was best for us to post or should we say publish so we all at least can get to the bottom of this whole shenanigan. What could have suddenly gone wrong with this relationship that was like something made in heaven just a few months ago, to warrant all the veiled accusations. 

Who dumped who? Or should we say who left who? Even if someone decided to go, couldn't everyone have just gone their different ways and let bygones by bygones? But it's like there is much more to it. Maybe at the end of it all, the truth would come out soon. We wait patiently for that to happen. 

Meanwhile, this is what we got, please read, digest and judge yourselves!!! We have not edited much of the note, but we had to remove some words because they were too vulgar. But much of what is published is how we got it.

My name is Grace Amanda I am a friend to both Lanre Nzeribe and Monalisa Chinda I have decided to write my name in this story so that both parties know exactly where this is coming from.
I know both parties well, I have related with them well enough to know what they are capable of and I know almost everything that went down in that relationship and I can assure you this story is true. I know commentators would wonder why I bother writing this or how it’s my business what happened between those two but I think I owe it to humanity to speak because most of what you people know is either wrong or not completely true. Most of you have concluded that Lanre Nzeribe is the demon and villain while Monalisa Chinda is the victim in that relationship but I tell you the opposite is the case. I guess the saying is true, “appearance is deceptive”


Like I stated earlier I know both parties’ good and bad side so I won’t make any party look good or spread lies. Yes we all know Lanre Nzeribe to be a ladies man, a man every woman wants to be around but that doesn’t make him a criminal or different from the regular man out there. It’s a normal phenomenon to see men date a lot, but that does not mean I support this please. In fact as his friend it’s a daily counsel on my part to make him stop. However, when Lanre met Lisa he actually fell in love with the woman, she wasn’t a joke or conquest for him. He was dedicated to her in fact the dedication was so great he allowed her to move in with him where he lives. His commitment to her was admirable in fact she became the envy of all her friends and colleagues because they could not understand what made her different and special that she should be treated like a queen, let’s not forget that there’s been other women before her, but he cut down on all that excesses. I guess that’s what happens when a man genuinely falls in love. 

This act of love was shown by the gifts he showered her with, the numerous travels abroad for holidays, especially visits to his Washington home; the frequent outings they had and most of all, the business venture that brought about Monalisa Magazine.
When this love affair started so many people warned Lanre about Lisa me inclusive, they told him to just walk away, all her numerous escapades that he read online were enough for him to walk away but he didn’t, I mean how would he? Dude was in love. He defended her, fought her battles like a knight in shining armour and trust me the battles he had to fight were numerous. She never knew lack, there was nothing she asked of him she didn’t get instantly even Lisa have been seen to testify to this. That misconception of Lanre going after Lisa for her money is not only wrong but laughable, because in honesty she didn’t have that much. Even the company they both ran together,the monies that came in were spent by her not him. Whenever he traveled abroad he shopped for her; dresses, shoes, bags name it. A dream life most women will die to have, Monalisa had it on a platter of gold. Her only duty was to look beautiful and be a good girlfriend but just like other things in her life that was also a difficult task for her to carry out. I begin to wonder if the stories she told about her ex-husband was even true.

Her insatiable desire for the good life on a fast lane will never make Lisa sit down and settle down. Her greed for fancy things, small boys, married men and money will never make Lisa stay faithful. She would do anything to stay relevant and I mean ANYTHING. This is not the first time Lanre and Lisa have parted ways and the problem has always been about the Nollywood lifestyle she was living. Her frequent travels to Abuja or Port Harcourt to either visit one government official or the other or to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,  was a major  issue in that relationship. Money that Lanre could give her without difficulty. There was even an incident in Abuja which happened of recent where Lisa was embarrassed at the airport by the wife of the man whom she had been sneaking into Abuja to see regularly, imagine the shame even for us her friends.
The struggle to stay classy went further when Lisa lied to Lanre sometime in February about a business she had to attend to in London. Lanre had his doubt and decided to hire a private investigator who came back with evidence of her escapade while in London. Lisa was in a hotel in London sleeping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and this was supposed to be a business trip o. This broke Lanre into pieces he couldn’t trust her any longer. When she returned to Nigeria from her supposed “business” Lanre confronted her and as usual she lied about everything. “Please note that telling lies is a calling for Lisa, it comes to her naturally. *Okay back to the story* when she wouldn’t confess Lanre showed her the evidence of her escapade and she broke down and begged for forgiveness, friends interceded on her behalf and again he forgave her.

Lanre felt if she needed money that badly he could get her to stay away from that lifestyle by opening a business for her. First he opened a beauty product business for her she couldn’t even make that work, then he decided to do the magazine business for her to keep her busy and at the same time make money the right way. Of course she was shocked he was willingly to invest that much money on her and she admitted that she knew nothing about publishing, but he told her she would learn on the job and even made arrangements for her to study in America; a course in publishing and business.

But like they say ‘a leopard will never change its spot’. Lisa didn’t like hard work, she preferred easy money, one where she !!!!!!!!!!!!and get money speedily. Seeing that the magazine venture was a difficult task for her, she was bent on finding a way out both from the business and the relationship as she had once told a staff that Lanre was blocking her ways from getting private jets from governors that wanted to have !!!!!!!!! her. In order to make this happen she would pick on every little thing to make her and Lanre quarrel so that she can hold onto it and move on. She accused virtually the whole Monalisa Magazine female staffs of wanting to sleep with Lanre. The woman’s insecurities are overwhelming.

Finally, she moved out of his house without him knowing. He came back from America and found out that she had packed all of her stuffs out of his house. And that was the beginning of the end.
Now why am I upset? I am upset because she’s giving people a different version of what really happened but we the close people around them know exactly the truth. To think Lisa Chinda is a divorcee and a mother of one, one would think she would have some iota of respect for herself and her kid and keep her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but instead since after the break up she’s been seen clubbing at different clubs; hanging out at the beach with people she can give birth to and acting like a young woman that she is not. The same colleagues she has severally run down in front of myself and Lanre, all of a sudden they’re now her best friends?; stories of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!with a big shot Lagos official government, a married man for that matter, here in Lagos is spreading round as well. Monalisa Chinda what happened to you? How did you become like this? Or have you always been this way but your sins are now catching up with you? Your beauty will not last long, at 41 you are still acting like a child, what a shame. To think I believed in you and thought all that church maps were for real, now I know better

Dear LisaChinda, quit with the lies and fake stories you are spreading around, I have more to say and so do others, but there’s no need washing our dirty linen online. Lanre might have his excesses but he loved you and never for once did he do you any wrong. You cheated on him over and over again and still all he had was your best interest at heart. All he asked was for you to quit the dirty Nollywood life style and become responsible, I do not think that is asking for too much.


Anonymous said...

#ThereIsGodO, #Chai

Nollywood runs and Heauxs - Monalisa Chinda, ChikaIke, #TotohDikeh, IniEdo, HalimaAbubaka, OgeOkoye, AnitaJoseph, UcheObodgo, UcheUwuji - etc etc etc

I say this heauxing fcking and jiving yall are doing #ThereIsGodO - Chai

Anonymous said...

Damn Monalisa! Is this ish true? Never expected you to be a fucklicant like this.

Anonymous said...

So why is this her fucking bizness? She wanna fight for the lanre guy to enter his heart and start fucking him? And you were friends with both of them? wicked human beings

Anonymous said...

Make believe things, na wa o! I just hope the lady can totally gnore you ppl and move on

Anonymous said...

Listen to yourself... "It’s a normal phenomenon to see men date a lot, but that does not mean.." So he has liberty to date alot why she doesnt? Womans inhuman to a fellow woman. Yours is on the way, no worries

Anonymous said...

Some Nigerian women are just too cheap to buy over! One must never have this kind of amanda as a friend o!

Anonymous said...

How so stupid of this writer!!!! This is either the Nzeribe man or some jobless fool. I don't care much for Lisa, but if this is lanre or someone he paid to write this rubbish, then you lot are so stupid and stupid is actually an understatement. Go get a million seats.bloody retards. So it is ok for lanre to shag all the women in the world and you think karma is sleeping? Let lanre know that for all the hearts he broke, he will continue to suffer heartbreaks. You bloody ass writer, you need to be hanged for trying to make another woman look bad.

Fan said...

Ha! Ha!! Lanre got served. Yes, karma.

Anonymous said...

How convenient for this so called "Grace Amanda" to suddenly appear and narrate an entire novel with only one goal in mind,to make Lanre look like a victim and paint Monalisa Chinda as a slut. Grace Amanda, when has it been a crime for a man to spend on his woman? Did you envy Monalisa because she got everything you wanted and didn't have? How come nobody has never seen you before or heard of you until now? Is it because Lanre has tried so many ways to bring Monalisa down but has failed woefully and has now succumbed to creating aliases in the name of 'Grace Amanda' and write all these lies? Why didn't you use a man's name Lanre? Do you think using a woman's name as alias will create sympathy for you? Nahhh. You are used to using women and dumping them, but this time around, you got dumped. So My dear Lanre aka 'Grace Amanda', my advise to you is to get over it, stay out of Monalisa's life and move on with your life. She has done so a long time ago and life is looking very promising for her. Good luck to you as you search for your own happiness.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Lanre can stoop so low and create an alias in the name of GRACE AMANDA to ruin Monalisa Chinda's good name. What a big shame Lanre.You are almost 50 years old. Can't you act like the grown man you are? After all, Monalisa Chinda is not your first woman, but at least she had a brave heart and good sense to leave you when she did.

Anonymous said...

And you that call yourself a friend, are u ought to trash her on a media like this, is just your word against hers. Maybe u really dislike lisa for another reason entirely

Anonymous said...

LANRE NZERIBE........Shame on youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!......Old man like you. you are bad news, you can never ruin anybodys life because yours is already ruined. Monalisa is too decent for you. Imagine your lies, she will go and do runs, you will take her back, who does dat? She moved in with you, spend 24/7 with you bt your bad lifestyle, evil devilish lifestyle caught up with you and she dumped you like rotten egg and you stoop so low to send dis rubbish kindergarten email. You and grace amanda will meet ur waterloo. By the way self, which woman is not a runs girl in Nigeria this days? Dats the only insult in town for women, it's either they are prostitution or runs girls....talk another story jare, this runs girl and fuck around story is so stale...its a broken record. everybody knows a decent girl and I know lisa is one that was why she dump your sagging old yansh. Baba retard LANRE, go and get a good life and stop this your Agbaya lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

oh what a friend -gush

Anonymous said...

It's true. I also know Lanre VERY well. I mean very close. God bears my witness but Lanre was in tears during this incident. He withdrew from everyone. I came from uk to see him and I had a meeting with the Monalisa magazine. And I must say she needs to get her acts right. Lanre just Thot of helping her make something out of her life and stop messing about. I also know some guy called victor okoro she slept with. Ask her if it's a lie! And then u turn back just because u allmost messed up the business u didn't pay a dime for made in ur name?!!!!!! Bitch pls!!!!