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Thursday, June 27, 2019


DJ Cuppy 

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (Ote$) aka DJ Cuppy is one of the gorgeous daughters (2nd daughter by age) of Nigerian billionaire and former owner of Forte Oil, who is now the leading promoter of Geregu Power, his new investment. That's talking about the one and only Femi Otedola (Ote$) himself aka Mr. Tom Ford.

The young and quite exciting Deejay, is a super gorgeous gal all the way, who by our personal experience one can say is also very, very humble (something one cannot readily say about most children of the wealthy, rich & famous) and she has her head well screwed on her shoulder.

So well mannered is this gorgeous young and exciting lady that you could be blown over by her classy comportment, and that's just maybe because you weren't expecting her to be so respectful and all. And on the style stake as a young, a quite still impressionable gal, one who would still be experimental with the whole fashion and style thingy, till maybe much later in life, when she would have developed her own signature style all of her own.

But we somewhat believe that her younger sibling, Temi 23, who seem to be more into the Fashion and Lifestyle world is more stylish or should we say more expressive when it comes to her fashion and style, that's in comparison to her elder sister. Though this assertion is more our personal opinion than anything else.

The 26 year old going 27 in November of 2019 and acclaimed to be personally worth about "N600 plus million NAIRA", was on the 'blue carpet' of the "BET Music Award 2019" quite recently looking all 'glam and gorgeous' in her 'glittery outfit', brand name of which we do not know. So we are asking the question then, if her outfit, that was showing off her 'beautiful pins' in those hot Christian Louboutin Stiletto peep toes was a 'hit or a miss', especially putting into consideration what other guests wore.

See our smart looking Jidenna too, looking scrumptiously good looking in his yellow outfit.


Far more pictures after the break.

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