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Sunday, June 30, 2019


Since the genteel lady, the mother of kids and the wife of a gentleman took courage as a companion and gut as a friend and came out in that YouTube video in that interview conducted by Chude Jideonwu, where she revealed and narrated that she was raped twice in the space of one week by her then shepherd/pastor/mentor, who is the flamboyant, designer wearing leader of COZA (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly) in Abuja, the FCT, it has been like she acted like the great Moses and hit the rock and the water has been gushing out, in fact pouring and pouring ever since unabated and unstoppable.

The shock of that unprecedented revelation, the gut and strength of the expose has since given strength and voice to so many, many that had been in limbo for so long, many all across who had suffered in silence having been violated many times over by many of those they had gone to seeking for help, succor and embrace.

Many that had been held in bondage for years, the bondage, the jail of what they had had to keep to themselves all this while, for so long and that had gradually been eating them up like a cancer, until now. Many can be said to have been suffering from depression and with just one action, Busola Dakolo has somewhat allowed many to exhale finally.

Maybe many who have never experienced her pain and what she's gone through, might not really understand what her action has done for her. We wouldn't stop reiterating the fact that it must have taken super human strength and unbelievable gut for this quiet giant to have come out to experience this kind of scrutiny that has suddenly come her way since many hours ago, when the video recording hit the airwaves.

With what her action has elicited, with how this advocacy has helped to break down chains of oppression, freeing those who had been in limbo all of these while, those whose kept in and internalized secrets that had nearly turned into time bombs, waiting to blow up to smithereens inside them as they had no outlet to pour out their pain. Many had been suffering terribly in silence all of this while and because of those unnecessary secrets they have had to keep unduly, many's misbehavior and misconducts could be traced and ascribed to their pasts. They were looking for outlets and were somewhat protesting via their actions.

And in just one fell swoop, scales have fallen, eyes have seemingly opened, burdens lifted dramatically and people are breaking off chains!!! So no matter how anyone see it, Busola has become a breaker of chains and the voice of a generation. Do you agree????

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Anonymous said...

After you saw the unpalatable reaction to your previous article, you have now done an about turn. Rape supporters that want people to be silent, it's too late! The tide has turned.

Anonymous said...

There something not adding up.... he raped her in ilorin but she still followed him about and when she got to abuja kept going to his church and married in his church

ABUJA People is that the only church in Abuja. After she left ilorin why not go to another church. Time will reveal what the true story is

Nobody 20 years ago , barges into people parent house and rapes without a care that others might be home .

Anonymous said...

Rather than trying to pick holes in the victim's story, why not focus on this man who has several times been accused by different women? Stop covering up for predators, haba!!