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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DA'PRINCE MOVES......................

We are so sure your minds are already on the overdrive. Has he finally left Mo'Hits record, maybe he has gone on to set up his own record label or something, moved where? The younger sibling of the President of Mo'Hits Records, has finally moved out of their Maryland abode-Mo'Hits Mansion to his own place, the new address is somewhere at Lekki Phase 1, not too far from Don Jazzy & D banj, who had moved also to the Island a couple of months ago.

The new house is a 6 Bedroom duplex befitting an upwardly mobile, eligible bachelor like Da'Prince-aka Omoba. The Mo'hits members, except for Wande Coal have all moved out of the Maryland mansion, while Jazzy & D'banj still lives together but now at Lekki, Dr. Sid the dentist turned musician moved to his own place at the 1004 Estates.

It’s been a rollercoaster couple years for the members of the Mo'Hits, all things seem to have come together for good for them, in terms of exposure and visibility, money and fame and all otherwise, All members of the record label have had one or 2 if not more major hits in the market except for D-banj's younger sibling-K-switch. And the good fortune continued with the G.O.O.D music label collaboration which reportedly made Don Jazzy & D Banj $3 Million dollars richer, many have come to believe that Mo'Hits Record might probably be the richest record label in the country.

Da'Prince recently took his celebrity status a notch up, by opening his own nightclub called JONZING, which was very well received by revelers and that's another money making channel established by the young dude.


Anonymous said...

HAS he? HAS finally instead of AS he? and AS finally

Dbanj still LIVES instead of still LEAVES

Anonymous said...

D'Prince is not D'Banj's younger sibling.

P.S. The writing style on this blog is appalling! It's so hard to understand what you guys are on about most of the time!

Anonymous said...

If you had read the write up properly, you would have noticed that no one claimed that Omoba is D banj's younger sibling, atleast that much was evident, when the write up said ''the younger sibling of the Mo'hits president-Don Jazzy, D banj has a younger brother who is also a member of the Mo'Hits known as k switch. It's a choice to check this blog or not, if its a problem to you dnt come here again.

Anonymous said...

na wa 4 english.where is d write up dat he is dbanjs brother......any way gud luk d'prince

Shakara said...

The Mo Hits President is Don Jazzy oh, ANON ITK.

People complain about the writing style here, but they keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

very ugly boy, very ugly pix. Orinla!