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Friday, October 21, 2011


That's the gist or would we say the reply we got from delectable budding actress Moyo Lawal, when we asked her about her supposed relationship with top Lagos politician and former Minister of State for Interior and Defence-the Otun Are of Lagos-Chief Demola Seriki.

Some online portals and magazines had alleged that something tending towards the amorous was going on between the 2, while Moyo says there is no relationship whatsoever between them, and that the so called relationship is a figment of the imagination of the writer’s minds, she went on to say that most probably, someone is likely to link her soon with President of the United States. We couldn't get across to the former Minister who is 3 times married, to the extent that his youngest wife not too long ago dropped a new baby for him in Abuja, while the 2 senior wives-Remi Seriki and Wosilat Seriki the younger sibling of Chief Rasak Akanni Okoya are both still the apple of the former Minister's eyes.

Gorgeous Moyo who seems to have conquered television, and is gradually trying to make her mark in the home video industry, says ''She does not understand why anyone would want to link her with the Former Minister who she has never met before in her life, and there has never been an occasion or event, where both her and the Minister have met before, she says her main priority now, is to make a mark in her industry in the shortest possible time, not to be linked to one man or the other.


Anonymous said...

Money miss road but buy p*s*y. Surprise, surprise: the denial is not much better than the acting skills.

Anonymous said...

All nounsence,gud for nothing pple