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Sunday, October 30, 2011


GORGEOUS! SMART! SWEET! LOVELY! This are the few adjectives that describes Sarah Ofili-the soon to be Mrs Onunaku aka Mrs Killz, who was serenaded by her beau Ikechukwu Ugonna Onunaku-KILLZ on October 22, 2011 as she added a year. She got one of the best birthday presents so far on her birthday-a beautiful D.I.A.M.O.N.D ring. Like you all know, diamonds are supposedly the ladies best-friend. It was the opportunity for the rapper/entertainer to cement his love for his beau of many years and propose marriage, which the sweet boo sweetly & gladly accepted.

So we are all highly expectant as the couple would soon be picking a date for the nuptial.

And like this picture seems to suggest-It’s a done deal, so haters go******


Anonymous said...

hahahha...lmao at the swarovski rig. it's all good

Anonymous said...

hahahha...lmao at the swarovski ring. it's all good

Anonymous said...

My lovely sarah, I love this babe shes actually such a nice and humble person i was shocked wen i met her how down to earth she is.
Anony: sorry but dats no swarovski! hiss everywhere pple must hate oversabis.

Congrats Sarah n Killz!

aw said...

WOW! Niceeee! How old are they sef? And that is not swarovski. See that person's mouth. May God forgive you and help you with what you are dealing with which is causing jealousy.

Anonymous said...

It's not real diamond though it's cubic Zirconia... Happy for her she don try....

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, the main thing is dat she's engaged and she's seemingly over the moon and we are all happy for her. Congrats again dear