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Saturday, November 5, 2011


It’s took about 18 days if not more, before ace actor and comedian in the Yoruba genre-Mr. Babatunde Omidina-popularly known as Baba Suwe was released after been held incommunicado by officials of the NDLEA on suspicion of acting as a drug mule. From the little that we have come to know, the U.S-donated body scanners had indicated that the much loved comedian concealed some things in his stomach, so he was detained for further observation.

The general expectation was that the NDLEA would  have given full confirmation about the actor’s culpability or not in just a few days, but it took them many days after Baba Suwe was apprehended and despite having visited the toilet according to him more than 15 times, no incriminating substance was found in his excreta contrary to NDLEA’s expectations.

No one seems to know what’s truly went on, and as a result, many have come to believe that there might have been more to the whole situation than meets the eye. Hence certain questions need urgent answers.

What was that compelling evidence that the NDLEA had, that made the body keep the actor in their custody in apparent violation of his fundamental human rights? Though they later got a court injunction to keep him for a certain length of time, but prior to that he had been kept for many days. Why was the body so convinced that the actor ingested hard drugs even as their scanners had been repeatedly proven wrong? What manner of observation could have produced the body the incriminating evidence it so desperately needed?

Is it not the constitutional contention that anyone, even a known criminal, is not guilty until convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction?  Why was he was not allowed to see his lawyers at first for a long period of time? Why keep him incommunicado? Did that in anyway help their case?

Is it a case of an informant giving the NDLEA false information?

Some are even of the opinion that the NDLEA might have compromised, would that be true? Were Baba Suwe’s colleagues afraid to stick out their neck for their own? Can he now sue the NDLEA for its seemingly oppressive and unconstitutional conduct? Couldn’t the body have done its investigation more quietly and intelligibly?

So now that the Comedian has been released according to a court directive, what’s next?

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