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Sunday, November 13, 2011


We feel so sad writing about this, but we just have to. Its the ember months-October, November and December and not much before another year would end. We don't know why, but there is a general belief that more accidents and crime occur during these months, so the need for us all to be more careful especially when driving.

Last night a supposedly very terrible auto crash occured, that claimed the lives of 3 young Nigerians, who could have become leaders of tomorrow-2 young ladies and a guy. The picture of the 3 dead is so gory we cannot afford to publish. The trio were said to have made rounds at some fun-spots and just after they left a very popular club/joint they had a ghastly auto crash they left all 3 dead, we could not get proper details as there are conflicting reports about where the accident occured-Either the mainland or the Island.

Contrary to some information, the joint-REHAB on the Island they were thought to have been coming from didn't open this weekend, they had been shut for renovation since November 6, and would be till the 1st week of December,2011.
We can only commiserate with the families of the dead ones and hope God would give them the fortitude to bear the terrible loss.
But we would love to appeal to everyone to always drive carefully and also not to drink and drive or even drive when drunk.

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