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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ADIEU! ADEOLA RANDOLPH. A PERFECT GENTLEMAN, a good guy gone home too soon.

We totally forgot to write about this. But it’s better late than never. Young, handsome and very industrious friend of many-Adeola Randolph gave up the ghost in Nigeria, sometime last-week. Cause of death? The most unlikely thing- Asthma attack!
Friends and family members of the suave, young guy have since not been able to come to terms with the sudden demise of such a fantastic friend of many, whose life was cut short in his prime-Age 31 going 32.

According to unconfirmed report, Adeola had an attack at home in the early hours of February 6, 2012 and was rushed to the hospital, but he later gave up the ghost at the clinic he was rushed to, some have said his death might have been avoided but for some negligence on the part of the hospital, because they didn't have enough Oxygen! The truth about that assertion has not being confirmed.

Things were just falling into place for him, when he went to the great beyond: He had just bought his Range Rover SUV  and things were looking bright and great. He was a staff of a company based in Abuja called-PetroEnergy, he graduated from Coventry University in the UK, and before then he was a popular student at the famous secondary school-Atlantic Hall.

Knowing the ever overly suspicious Nigerian people, Adeola was said to have changed his BB status to "Living in the Sky" just a few days before he passed on. 

He would be sorely missed by many- his Mom- nee Benson, dad and his younger siblings- Franny & Jake and very many of his friends. Just a few weeks before he died, he was the best-man to Soji Adegbenro at the latter's wedding ceremony.

May his ever gentle soul continually rest in peace. We commiserate with the family. 


TI said...

A week after his passing and it's still crazy shocking. An all round good guy. Its clear he'll be sorely missed.
A couple of things to correct in your article he died in the early hours of the 7th not 6th. He was 32 going on 33. He also went to ISL, class of '96
My thoughts continue to be with his family.
RIP Randy B

Anonymous said...

Gone too soon......way too soon.

Anonymous said...

@February 14, 2012 8:08 PM, you are right he was 32, going 33. And yes he went to ISL '96 graduating set, but he left ISL for Atlantic Hall in late 94. (I was his classmate)

Anonymous said...

Living in the sky is a rap song he sang....unbelievable in it he says death is the only thing he hasn't done or experienced