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Sunday, June 17, 2012


The gorgeous lady behind the Unveil brand- Bunmi Oyeniyi is getting set to take over the market again. She did it several years ago when she launched what has come to be known in the market as the best brushes for makeover artists. Many still testifies to that fact that the Unveil make-up brushes has no rival in the market. 

Not long after that success, the well-known make-over artist, who we hear is one of the top 5 in the industry, had another first, she opened a Government approved vocational studies School, where students are taught the art of make-up artistry, etiquette and elocution amongst the several courses of study. The school- The Unveil Institute, which is about a year and a half old, as done extremely well. Helping to set many on the path of entrepreneurship and glorious success. 

Moving on from all that, Bunmi we hear is set to launch into the market, her own exclusive make-up products. The range is called Unveil MUP; the MUP refers to make-up products. It took the whole of 3 years of research and hard work to get to this point from what we have gathered, to make sure that the quality of the products are not short-changed, the MD of Unveil had to travel from China, to the UK and to the US, testing many products, wanting to make sure the products are of the highest standards and good for all skin-types. Until finally the best choice of manufacturers were found in the US. It is the same company that produces for some of the best brands in the market, known by all. 

So come the end of June 2012 at a venue in Ikeja, Lagos. The new entrant into the make-up industry- UNVEIL MUP would be launched to a lot of fanfare. In the range are about 40 different shades of ''smackers'' that's lipsticks, there are about 13 shades of ''Glaze of Lights'' which is the name for the lip-glosses, 52 shades of ''Eye Silhouettes'' that’s eye shadows, over 13 shades of ''Cheek Glow'' which is the name for their blushers, 5 shades of ''Smog'' another name for foundations, powders are called ''Face Glow'' and they come in 3 shades, the high definition Mascara's come in 2 colours, the lip-definer another name for lip pencil comes in 12 colours and lastly the ''Eye Intensifier'' which is the inner eye rim pencil comes in 10 different colours, not forgetting the brow pencil.

All the products come in very exotic and playful colours named after admirable things we have come to love. 


Meg said...

Someone goes to china, brands cheap makeup and says 'launching mkp line'. Abegi make we hear word. Same thing Banke and Tara did. Are they selling? NO! Tired of nigerians thinking nigerians are stupid and they can sell sub-standard products to us.

Aloba weldon o jare! Ur doing a fantastic job on your blog. God bless

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha Meg u read my mind gbam!

Anonymous said...

Don't knock their hustle. I heard Tara and Banke encourage their customers to use their products. The problem with us as Nigerians is that if it's not MAC, Iman, FF, Bobbi Brown etc some people will not use them. They would rather use the fake of those products instead of these lines. I think it's a good thing to have your own line instead of promoting others. If they are fairly priced, they will sell.

Anonymous said...

totally agree....

ruby woo said...

lol@ Meg. u just preached.

i wonder what the obsession is with having your own make up line in Nigeria.
Even top MUA artists like pat mcgrath and sam fine neither own make up lines nor studios. i think it's just the my make-up-outfit-is bigger than yours syndrome. lol

Anonymous said...

pls what cream do these women use
their skin is flawless
somebody help a sister pls

Anonymous said...

The name of d cream is called "air brushing" Thank me later :D

o ma ga o said...

Aunty Meg, so which of these international make up brands are NOT made in China? Infact, what is not made in China? Designer Bags o, shoe o....The only diff is quality control....

And where did you get your statistics from? I know for a fact that Tara is selling. Banke is not aggressive so her market get as e be.

Stop knocking pple's hustles. There are a zillion make up brands in the US, i personally have make up products from at least 11 brands in my make up bag. so the market is huge.

Berra find something to do with your life instead of hating on pple. You havent even used the products and you are condemning it already. That says a lot about who you are...

hate on while some pple smile to the bank,