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Sunday, June 17, 2012


 About the Brand
Viv La Resistance is a Nigerian based Luxe Women’s wear and Accessories Brand, the Brand is centered around the marrying  of Fashion and Art, The Freedom of self-expression, channeled through unique, contemporary Clothing and Accessories, accomplished through the use of a unique mix of Contrasting Fabrics, Vintage and Modern Cuts, Silhouettes, Superior Craftsmanship and Attention to detail.
Viv La Resistance pieces have been described as bold, unapologetic, built from a fresh concept and an intriguing point of view, championing the movement of a woman who engages with fun refreshing fashion, whilst choosing to stand out in a crowd.
The Viv La Resistance woman is Mysterious, Sexy, Confident, Timeless, and a Head Turner wherever she goes.
The Revolution is here. Join the Movement. Viv La Resistance.

Mo Alatise, the Creative Director behind the brand has always had a love for fashion. It began right from an early age admiring her mother’s fabulous dresses and accessories, making clothes for her Barbie dolls, going through different fashion phases in her teenage years customizing her clothes and accessories, she says ‘I always knew from an early age I was going to do something in the Arts’
Upon completion of her University education with a Degree in International Business from the University of Hull, in the UK, Mo Alatise made the decision to follow her passion and enrolled for courses in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion and Central St. Martins, following which she moved back to Nigeria and proceeded to fulfill her lifelong dream, when she launched the Fashion Brand, Viv La Resistance (“VLR”) in January 2010.
To Mo, individuality is at the heart of fashion. She describes the Brand as Constantly Evolving, Emotional, a Marriage of Fashion and Art.

Viv La Resistance was chosen as one Designer’s to show its A/W 2012 Collection Kaleidoscope ‘A Trip’ at the recently concluded Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012

Viv La Resistance A/W 2012 Collection Theme and Inspiration
The Inspiration behind the Collection Kaleidoscope- 'A Trip’ came from the marrying of a series of visual and physical stimulants and a need for a new medium of expression, born out of necessity.
The Theme for the Collection came as a step-like process, where one stimulant birthed the other.
The main Inspiration behind the Collection came from  the works of one of my favorite graffiti artist and film maker, MR BRAINWASH, Having experimented with graffiti myself at a younger age, I have always been fascinated by the merging of paint unto textured surfaces, color and grit.

A Need born out of Necessity
The most recent Collection of MR BRAINWASH is a visual pleasure. I stared at each painting and piece every day for so long that it all became a blur from which a mixture of patterns started to form in my head thus, Designer became paint artist and I set out on a number of ‘painting experiments’ employing the use of our traditional tye/dye (ADIRE) techniques and after many painstaking try’s and samples the Custom Viv La Resistance prints featured in the collection was birth.

This Collection sees the brand growing and evolving, while still staying true to its original aesthetics with the introduction of Custom Hand Painted/dyed Prints, Rich Luxe Hand-Woven Tassel Aso-oke, Delicate Chiffons, 100% pure Luxury Cotton and Woven textured Jersey, details include play on fabrics, textures, layering, cut outs and patches, mixed with both Modern and vintage cuts, all while retaining its edge and individuality, ensuring each piece is a standout.
I'm awfully proud of this Collection and the way it has been sustainably produced as 90 percent of the materials used in production were locally sourced and dyed using centuries old traditional Adire/Batik dyeing techniques

I invite you to my playground, to look through My Kaleidoscope and experience 'A Trip'

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Luv d colour variation. This is what I call thinking outside the box

Fan said...

Oh fantastic. The colour combo trouser suit is off the chains!