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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WELCOME TO SAFFRON RESTAURANT & BAR; The Poshest Hangout in the Heart of Lagos

Saffron Restaurant & Bar
Named after the Saffron spice, one of the rarest and most expensive spices in the world, Saffron Restaurant & Bar, located at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island Lagos , is a blossoming relaxation spot, which caters to assorted client list ranging from celebrities to mature professionals. 
At Saffron, it is reflective of our culture of offering dignified services to a most distinguished clientele set. We offer an eclectic selection of the most exotic cuisines from different continents as created by our world renowned Chefs.
Responding to the rising demand for a more upscale dining experience to suit the buzzing lifestyle of Lagos, Saffron presents to the public varied excitements from diverse culinary cultures in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere becoming an icon of pleasurable perfection.
The Ambience
Impeccably designed to suit the tastes of the exalted clientele that Saffron was designed to serve. The array of lights and the soulful music stirs a soothing feeling that enthralls the mind and creates the home experience befitting for royalty. We serve our teeming clients a mixture of good food and a sweet mix of jazz and R n B music , making each visit an unforgettable experience.
Fired up by the love of food, our line of palate teasing dishes brings to bear an impressive wealth of our gourmet knowledge. At Saffron, our culinary mastery astounds the wise and stretches from traditional to intercontinental dishes. In addition to the beautiful mix of good food and easy music, there is our bar which parades the finest tastes of wines from the best years, making Saffron - a restaurant & bar where you can indulge in luxury and lounge while basking in the elevated peace our ambience offers.
 The Saffron dream is to share this experience all over Nigeria at select malls, giving these hospitality hubs a taste of class while catering to the needs of our stress field society.
We are Saffron.
We sell pleasure.

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