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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Style like we all know is defined by the individual. Yes we all understand that there are general rules on decorum, so that people would not turn liberty on its head and decide to go around naked or half-nude in the name of fashion or style.

There are some however, who seems to have a special understanding of style and at all times, are always the epitome of sophistication, elegance, class and savoir faire. No one would ever say a peek of sexiness is wrong, a little flash of the cleavage, the nice show of very sexy curves, very seductively done make-up etc, are some of those things we count to be tantalizing.

Today, we have on our showcase 2 people. We saw one of them at the Arise Fashion Week 2012, in Lagos, Nigeria. The other is the very well known sexy socialite/celeb- Amber Rose. Say whatever you wanna say, we just have to accept the fact that, she is sexy and gorgeous, and seem to know what it takes to always get the attention.

Our Lagos chick (young lady) in our opinion really rocked her outfit, we love the glittering jacket worn over a black camisole and that peekaboo leggings, with those gorgeous details on the sides, which to us is a stunner any day, she finished it off with a pair of very gorgeous black Christian Louboutin pumps. On the other hand, the ever delicious Amber Rose, had on a bright green Atzec jacket, inside the jacket was a black top, and the one that tops the whole outfit, was her leggings, which had fishnet details and large-holes running down the sides from her bum down to her ankles, to finish up the style she now wore a pair of neon yellow, Christian Louboutin pumps. The color of Amber’s shoes is one of the colors of the season.

Who between these 2, do you all think did the look more justice? Lagos Chick or Amber Rose?

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Anonymous said...

Definitely not Amber Rose. Our Nigerian lady should have done without the silver/pewter jacket. It made the whole outfit busy.

Anonymous said...

Xerona Duke, Donald and Onari 's daughter