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Sunday, June 24, 2012


 That's the news in town right now, the very flamboyant Man of God whose gift of the garb continually mesmerizes very many, he is an orator par excellence, announced to the shocked congregation today after the last service.

The presiding Pastor of the Household of God, had gotten married to the very beautiful Stephanie Henshaw about 4 years ago-August 2008 to be more precise, at a very elaborate nuptial ceremony, which had many of his church members doing their possible best to outdo each other, to impress their father in the Lord. It was the Man of God's 2nd time of tying the knot. He had being married before to Tina who after her divorce from Pastor Kris had gone on to remarry. 

Those in Church today at the Household couldn't believe their ears, when just after the last service, the Man of God was said to have announced his separation from his wife, according to him, it was due to irreconcilable differences and there was no going back on the decisions already taken, he said he wanted to be the one to break the sad news to them and hoped for their understanding. 


Gbogbo Bigz Girlz said...

Erin npami oh (I feel like laughing my ass out). It's either he's an esin inu iwe or has weak sp**m cells!

Anonymous said...

The guy has always been mental. Okobo to the core. Someone who took this woman from another man, what do you expect? Curses from above.

Priestess said...

Wit al d noise from his wedding! Only God knws does dat truly serve him. High maintaince must ave contributed cuz d lady is always luking 2 polished.

Anonymous said...

Paso ti wan fi na iyawo ile ni wan ma fi na iyawo ita..Nuff said

Anonymous said...

He's also polished, so polished meets polished. He loves the transient things of life so how will it last.

Mama Borngirl said...

Sad sad news... It's not about high maintainance, more of he can do but the deed can't make a baby!
I suspected his motive behind marrying a divorced mother... Probably thought she'll overlook not wanting kids.
Then again, that's deceit!!!

Anonymous said...

So it is now a crime not to be able to make babies. Stupid insensitive idiots!