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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Prior to this war, both guys about town were supposedly good friends. Larry is the big dude behind Auto Lounge, at a point that was the biggest and the best Club/lounge for all in Lagos. Larry is not just a club owner he is also an auto dealer, but he doesn't do all kinds, just the wonders-on-wheels like the Maybachs, the Rolls Royce Phantoms and Ghosts, the Bentleys etc, the bigger and more expensive the brands the better. Those are not everyday cars, but he also does the normal ones, at least those ones that readily bring in the money in volume.

Dumebi Kachukwu on the other hand is the very rich dude, who seems to have what some have called the endless pocket, by that they mean the guy is 'madly loaded', some say he his into oil and gas, others just refer to him as a businessman of great means. He his top music star Dbanj’s unrepentant benefactor and has shown his support to the music star in many ways, many times over. 

Both guys, we mean Larry & Dumebi were friends until last week, when a supposed brand spanking new Porsche Cayenne SUV given as a wedding gift to Naeto C & Nicole Chikwe came between them. Why problem over a car gift? You all might be wondering about.

Dumebi is said to have found out after the said SUV had been presented to the couple, that it was not brand new as claimed, also that it was a 2009 model of the SUV, not the 2012 version as supposedly claimed by car dealer. Dumebi's camp claims that the car is second use, that it was first owned by a director at Zenith Bank Plc, and it was from this bank director that Larry bought the car and refurbished and now sold of as brand new and a 2012 edition. Remember it was this car, though now the subject of police investigation that D Banj presented to the newly wedded couple on behalf of Dumebi Kachukwu. 

As always, we not wanting to air just the view of one camp, we sought the view of the other camp over the allegations made. We were able to get to someone very close to Larry and this was what we found out. Dumebi supposedly got the car from Larry to give his former In-laws saying he was going to pay later, apparently both guys have had several dealings before in the past, so there was no problem with taking the car away. Larry's camp is claiming that the car is 2010, that the same SUV was bought last year (2011) at the Porsche Center. The former owner of the car was said to have bought the car brand new, they claim he never used it especially because he didn't like it and he traded in the car. Dumebi is said to have seen the car before it was delivered and he had approved of it. 

Now what is the current situation of things? We hear the car in question is presently packed at a police station somewhere. Does the matter look like it would soon be resolved? We think not. Many egos have been bruised and it’s like its time for each person to claim a pound of flesh. Remember that we posted about how D Banj was sent out of Auto Lounge, Abuja by Larry several weeks ago, apparently that action opened a big wound and this might be the opportunity for pay back.

We are watching the proceedings very carefully and we would be dropping the happenstances as they occur for your reading pleasure. 



Anonymous said...

Deceitful guys (both of them.) and it's all for show.

Aduke said...

Chaiiii!! Na wa! See drama!! SMH.

Mama Borngirl said...

Ewoh! I dey laff like OBJ.
In the first instance, Dumebi wanted to pose to his ex family.

Wonderer said...

Larry is a fraud anyway, so no wonder

Laila said...

'Ghen ghen' (in Linda Ikeji's voice). lol

Anonymous said...

That shit ain't 2012