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Saturday, July 14, 2012


We came just came across Miss Isabella Agbor Ayuk's post on her FB page a few minutes ago. We had to share the post because, this would be the first time she would either directly or indirectly address the issue of age falsification she had been accused of. 

There had been rumors all over town in the aftermath of her being crowned the MBGN Queen for 2012 that she was much older than the age she claims, some had said she was not a day less than 31. While contesting at the pageant held in Benin, Edo State she had declared she was 25 years old and a few weeks after clocked 26. But some faceless people, who couldn't come out openly or even show evidence of falsification of age, went to town to accuse her of reducing her age. 

The rumor seemingly gained more ground, when we all found out the reigning queen was not going to be representing Nigeria, at the very prestigious Miss World Competition later on in the year- 2012. The pageant organizers were very quick in coming out to clear the air, that the queen was very eligible and that the age she had declared was correct. That she was not going to represent Nigeria at the Miss World Competition, was totally the organizers decision, they reserve the right to send whomsoever they wanted to the pageant, also the queen had insisted she wanted to serve her country immediately after graduating from the University. As we speak, she's at one of the NYSC Camps, and she's still the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2012 and she would be representing Nigeria at the next Miss Universe 2012 contest, instead of the Miss World. 

Here is her post on Facebook posted a few hours ago indirectly saying something about the whole hullabaloo- ''Scandal is necessary for stardom. Envious people always exist especially when they are afraid of your rising. As giant we will dwarf them. In God I will always Trust. If God says YES, no human can say NO, who GOD has blessed, is indeed Blessed''.
  Though we are glad she has cleared the air about the whole stress, we are still very curious to find out something.
An Isabella Ayuk, contested at the 2004 Miss Nigeria Pageant that was won by Miss Ene Maya Lawani, that Isabella was one of the few gorgeous ladies that came from the South-south to try their luck, about 45 gorgeous girls had gone to Asaba, in Delta State for the semi-finals of that year’s competition, at the end of the day only 20 made it to the finals, the youngest of the finalist then later went on to emerge the queen in 2004, that was Ene Lawani. One of the top 3 finalists at that competition was Ufuoma Ejenobor, now a very well known Nollywood actress.
We did our best to at least get to the bottom of all uproar. We were finally able to speak with 2 of those who were in Asaba in 2004, one of those we chatted with was that Isabella’s room mate and a fellow contestant and the other was an official at the 2004 pageant, they both swore that Isabella was one of the semi-finalist at the 2004 pageant, that was 8 years ago. When we interviewed our current queen, who incidentally has the same names as the lady in 2004, she claimed not to have done the 2004 pageant. The curious thing is this even if the Isabella then is the same as the Isabella now, both having the same names, both would still have been eligible for the 2012 MBGN by virtue of the age declared now. So who was the Isabella in 2004?


Anonymous said...

Ordinary looking and no wow factor. Who's she fooling? I'm sure with a declaration of age you can alter your real age. She's lowered it to go for NYSC. When will the lies stop?

Princess of Zion said...

We pray Isabelle uses her status to touch lives. Let's be supportive of one another; especially us females! The more we have at the top, the more they pave the way for others. God bless you all!!

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Anonymous said...

Princess of Zion away with spam.

Mama Borngirl said...

@very first anon, God bless you. Who are they all fooling??? In the words of OBJ, too many rogues!!!