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Monday, July 23, 2012


Contrary to the tales going on about town that D-banj gave out a brand new Porsche Cayenne SUV as a wedding present to fellow musician Naeto C at the weekend. We can tell you for free that the rumors is just like it is, tales by the moonlight. This is not saying that he cannot afford to buy the said car for himself, but we were wondering why he could have been so magnanimous. We hear it was someone very close to him (someone in D-banj’s camp) that gave head to the rumors.

We can tell you for free or better still that the Porsche Cayenne SUV was given to the couple by Dumebi Kachikwu, incase you are wondering what the connection is all about, Dumebi used to be married to Naeto C's immediate elder sister-Somachi and they have 4 kids between them and from the little we know about Dumebi, the guy is very MADE, he is said to have being the one who bought D-Banj his first ever BMW 3 Series, some bird even whispered into our ears that he facilitated the very first oil deal, D-Banj ever got, not only that we also heard, that after the break-up of the Mo'Hit's crew, it was Dumebi who stood by D-Banj and gave him #30 Million Naira to hold body. So D-banj being a superstar and also a close friend of Dumebi who is his backbone, was given the honor to present the car to the gorgeous couple.  

A lot of people had been wondering why D-banj would give a fellow star a  car rated to cost between #15 to 30 Million Naira depending on the model (Cayenne tiptronic S-#15,681,300, Cayenne S-#18,594,000, Cayenne S Hybrid-#19,767,800, Cayenne GTS-#20,808,000 & Cayenne Turbo-#30,429,800, we couldn't get the price for the Cayenne Diesel), just like that. Is the money flowing so much now, its now best spent like a drunken sailor?


Princess of Zion said...

Congrats to the couple! I guess the source of a gift doesn't matter; all good things come from God, He only uses people to bless us! But I pray all those who gave gifts shall be repaid in favour, may their pockets never run dry, may their joy always be full. AMEN.

Laila Ikeji said...

Mehnnnn!!! A N15m wedding gift is da bombbb!
Congratss to the sweet couple. I really loved the simplicity of their wedding.

Anonymous said...

It's madam LI that said it oh. Meanwhile people were correcting her and she didn't stop. She's now retracted the story.

Me again said...

DBanj's camp is full of liars, so I'm not surprised if they are the source of the false rumors, HOWEVER, anyone who was at that wedding KNEW for a fact no be D'Banj buy the car. Linda should chill on her fake gist now, when they're so many witnesses.

But Dumebi sef, you're buying your ex in law a car? Na wa, so he's still throwing away money like that and not just on babes with bisexual tendencies (cough in i cough). This your money never finish?