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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Imagine you parking your car at a spot and then coming back much later and the car seems to have vaporized into thin air. That was the exact scenario that played early this morning at the Oriental Hotel, along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos.  Yvonne 'vixen' Ekwerre had gone to the hotel to cover 2 events, first party was the YNaija #Hashtag Party and the second event was Florence Ita-Giwa's party (Heard the party was for her daughter's birthday).

Getting to the event venue, the gorgeous Silverbird Television presenter was directed to the other wing of the Oriental Hotel, where people park whenever the space at the main wing is filled up. She went to her different events and made sure to have enough fun, doing what she knows best, at about 1am, it was now time to go home. Alas! The car, a Toyota Camry had disappeared into thin air, thinking whether she might have parked somewhere else, she went in search of the car, until reality hit after a while, that her car had been stolen. Apparently someone who must have had a master key and was probably lurking around at the car park opened the car and just drove away.

From our little findings, though not fully confirmed yet, that about the Fourth car stolen at the Hotel's car park. The curious thing from what we learnt is that the security guys at the hotel do not seem to care, not only that there is supposed to be security cameras monitoring the car park, whether it is functioning or not is another business. A lady whose car was stolen at the same park not long before this new one, was said to have gone to the gutter to check if by chance the car could have fallen in there. 

We heard that all effort to get the hotel management to show Vixen the CCTV footage proved abortive, firstly the Chief Security Officer at that part of the Hotel was Chinese and he couldn't speak English, also some of the security details at the other part said the management of the other part where the car was stolen was not their concern.

So what do we do now? Once you all are going to the Oriental Hotel for any reason. You are parking at your own risk. Chikena!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope she finds her car. Camrys are such hot cakes

Anonymous said...

This is sad sad sad. If a so called five star hotel can slack when it comes to security, then their rep is at stake.

Mama Borngirl

Anonymous said...

All this Chinese in nigeria are criminals,baby u have to sue thm and pursue it wit al strengt.thy knw wats up wt d missin of d car.

Anonymous said...

She should tell Jagaban abi Lord of Bourdillon!