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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For those in the fashion industry or anyone who has seen last week’s ‘Come Dine With Me’, UK's Channel 4's highest rated show drawing in an average of 4-5 Million viewers per episode, Cynthia Chisom Umezulike is certainly not a new name, but there is much more to the Nigerian model than just a pretty face.

Scouted at the age of 15 in her native Nigeria, Cynthia got her first break at the Ford Model Awards Nigeria, taking part in the Nigerian Fashion Week and the Nigerian Model Awards. In 2006, she became Miss Tourism Lagos and was selected to represent Nigeria at the Miss Bikini World in Taiwan. In 2010, Cynthia went on to win Miss Commonwealth International Nigeria, a title the model deployed to raise awareness for the Save the Children Foundation, a charity organisation she volunteers for and supports and her own charitable foundation Blessings and Blossoms Foundation, which aims to provide school supplies and textbooks for children in need. As Miss Commonwealth Nigeria, she also represented Nigeria alongside 50 other delegates from around the world at the Miss Commonwealth International.
The above are not the only titles this young woman holds. With Chief Justice of Enugu State and a professor of intellectual property for a father and a professor of women education and consultant on adult education for a mother, Cynthia has followed the footsteps of her academic parents and boasts a Master's degree (LLM) in Human Rights Law from the University of London, Queen Mary and will soon be embarking on a doctorate programme focusing on the International Laws on the Right of a Child.
Brainy and beautiful, since her move to London to pursue her Master’s in favour of a call from the Nigerian bar, Cynthia has managed to balance academics with modelling, often opting for London Fashion Week shows in order not to disrupt her studies. As well as walking at Vauxhall Fashion Scout show, showcasing for Jasper Garvida and celebrity designer Rhiannon Jones Bolshie alongside Nigerian couturiers Adebayo Jones and Yemi Osunkoya of Koshiba, Cynthia has also been featured in numerous international publications including New African Woman, FAB Online, The Sun, The Voice to name a few.

Once an awkwardly thin teenager, now a beautiful and confident young woman, Cynthia has also completed her first book titled Parallel Sapphires – Rules to Inspire which, drawing on her on experience growing up, offers a detailed guidance on how teenagers can build their self esteem, accept their true worth and realise their full potential.
Naming the former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, one of 20th century's most influential figures, Eleanor Roosevelt, and entrepreneur and fashion icon Victoria Beckham as her inspirations and her dad as her role model, it seems Cynthia is set for higher heights.
With more TV appearances lined up and selected as one of the models for the Africa Fashion Week London 2012 to walk at London Spitalfields on 3-4 August, there is much more to come from Cynthia than ‘Come Dine with Me’.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ!!!!!! whoever wrote this is certainly this girls best friend or is either lying to her. I mean how much did she pay to get tis cheap publicity? I watched come dine with me and i must say i was utterly disgusted with her performance. i mean this girl happens to be one of the dumbest pple ever ( bring back death penalty and when asked what she would save from a burning house she said herself...........i'd like to believe you didnt understand the question or must be that you weren't listening. Model.....yes maybe but pls never refer to heran in intellectual cause she clearly aint. SORRY BUT TRUTH BE TOLD!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,

Such a shame you fall for Channel 4's cheap tricks to showcase Africans and other ethnic people as dislikable - can you not see that this girl has such a huge list of achievements. Not only is she pretty but she is also brainy. You do not need to be her best friend to see that. Don't hate, congratulate.

Anonymous said...

Brainy my a***. I am African and got achievements. SHE IS SLOW!!! She is full of herself and i don't think she is an intellect. She should stick to modeling but even that is a question mark. Not being funny but her photos are nice but she looks like a drag queen in person.

Anonymous said...

P.S: personally know her.. and i am afraid she is not brainy, neither is she a barrister as she stated on channel 4(@ least not yet because, she has not graduated or even been to law school yet.
i must however say well done on getting on to channel 4(please don't bring back "dealth" penalty oh.. and let the sailors stop flying fish).. winks.. LMAO

CHARITY said...

@ Anonymous 7:47 and 11:04pm(obviously same person).....WOW ..I could not help but comment because I hate people like you who are distastefully jealous and hide under I know her personally when clearly you do not..U are obviously clearly jealous Haha#Hi Hater....if you know her personally then you should have known she has not only attended law school,but graduated with a upper merit and also has a double masters degree from University of London, Queen Mary and currently getting a doctorate done... I mean she is ALWAYS on University of London Alumni news of past graduates doing will u argue with public IS YOUR friend. By the way We Just invited her to kings college, University of London as a key note speaker at our youth empowerment event and she blew everyone away. Unlike u hiding under name is Charity and a run a TEAM UP organization. Do your research and stop attacking a beautiful young African like Yourself obviously doing well because your own life is buried under the rocks.

Anonymous said...

She was just so us her self on come dine with me. All she is is just another skinny leggy model with a seriously bad neck because She can't hold her head up straight.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Australia and couldn't believe how someone could be so full of themselves, I agree with the above statements that she looks like a drag queen, my mother in law couldn't believe she was a model yet alone a graduate student of law, the girl couldn't even stand straight, and clearly only knows one word "perfect". People throwing racial comments around, time to grow up no one is remarking about her heritage, only what a disgracefully stupid human being she is

tobz4real said...

Well who cares if you know her week or not!! Why make a fool of herself on national television just for a grand? Absolutely ridiculous. Never seen where jellof looks like hers or neither have I seen a flying sailor. If you know nothing about cooking better keep it to yourself than giving Nigeria a bad reputation (food wise)

Musingsofjudgejudyjudy..... said...

Abeg, abeg abeg, no talk like this abeg, this girl shamed Africans on that show by her blatant display of common courtesy. She came across as ignorant, selfish, arrogant and full of one stinky air. I loved her style as a model but that is actually all she has going. Even when she got with it with one of the diners who eventually tried to get along with her, she wouldn't have it. She cannot even make simple dinner conversation, it's been quite a while I saw that episode but I remember going get to meDnmeantie