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Saturday, July 14, 2012


We have not been able to confirm for sure whether it’s for refurbishment or otherwise, but from the little information we could gather the Palms Mall located Tiffany Amber flagship might have been shutdown totally. 

We are hoping that after this write-up, either Folake Folarin-Coker who is the Creative Director of the award winning Fashion/Lifestyle brand or the PR Company handling her account would be nice enough to inform us, about what's next. But knowing, Mrs. Coker very well she might not say anything. What we can tell all of our readers for free right now is that the former store at the Palms Mall just directly opposite the MANGO Franchise has been shut down and already the Mall owners are on the lookout for a new tenant to take over that particular space.  

One other thing we are hearing is that brand might be moving to another smaller space at the same mall, though like we earlier said, we have not been able to fully confirm what's up, but as soon as we have the full details, we would be informing you all. 

The fantastic and award-winning fashion/lifestyle brand was launched about 14 years ago (1998) in Lagos, Nigeria. Folake is one of the very gorgeous daughters of the Parakoyi of Ibadan, a noted Billionaire, who owns the conglomerate known by all as Modandola Group of Companies, with business interest spanning Maritime, Properties and Manufacturing. 

Folake's brand-Tiffany Amber is the only African based fashion label to have shown twice at the New York Fashion Week till date.  She was the Fashion Designer of the Year at the Arise Africa Fashion week, Sandton, South Africa. 


Princess of Zion said...

Great woman, great line! May God continue to uphold, strengthen and lead her accordingly!!

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Gossip Police said...

Princess of Zion, pls take your spam adverts away from MM!

FFC is going through some marital challenges at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The riches r crying oh! Economy meltdown don hit our owned fashion designer. Dnt worry d biz is saturated anyway. Good young designers r coming out everyday. Online biz is d ultimate nowadays so my advise to Madam go online biz...@ least u ve ur clientele to survive u. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

No more rich husband to fund rank xerox clothing line.She should go to india and continue to copy people's designs.Folly now has a wonderful wife and i bet he will not do what he did to folake to her.Tifanny Amber yes even her father is tired of funding her useless business.

Anonymous said...

Awon aiye Elenu razor...stop hating on the girl will ya? Shame on y'all.