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Thursday, November 21, 2013



We lost a very dear friend and a gallant fighter a couple of days ago, for some of you our readers, you might have read or heard about her, we even asked for support to help her fight the battle sometime ago on this platform. 

Linda Godwin 24, daughter, wife, mother of a son passed on after her painful fight with cancer. When we went to check her sometime ago at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-araba we came face to face with what it was like to give a good fight to stay alive and from the little we saw she did try her possible best. The young lady apparently sometime long ago detected some lumps in her breast and went to have it checked only for those that did the check to tell her it was none malignant, so she shouldn't worry. Thinking all was well and not having another opinion a proper one at that, is why she's now dead. 

By the time she found out it wasn't benign as she was made to believe, but truly malignant the battle was already half way lost. Not having the kind of supports and correct information needed and even funds, she first went to the wrong place for treatment. She had sort traditional help which didn't help ,in the course of looking for treatment the right breast got terribly bad that it fell off on its own. Her right arm and the left breast had also become affected. The right arm became swollen and she was in constant, most often unbearable pain. 

On hearing of her plight we did our possible best to get help and funds together to see, whether by a miracle something could be done. In our call out for help, only a few people responded and just a few people made promises, but only one person redeemed the promise he made and that person is none other than young philanthropist and humanitarian par excellence Chima Anyaso. Not only did he respond, he even followed us to LUTH to see Linda. Not just this he followed us also to a ward at LUTH where he paid for the treatments of all those in the ward, patients, nurses those taking care of the indisposed ones couldn't believe this. They thought they were dreaming of this intervention from a total stranger, that this couldn't have been real. We are talking about some patients needing to pay hundreds of thousands for treatments. 

Till Linda passed on some days ago, Chima remained a shoulder to rely on. It was with pain in all our hearts, but in total submission to God that we have accepted that Linda has gone to rest. To say the truth, her pain could only be imagined. 

We pray that God would finally grant her that rest that she so earnestly wanted. We can remember her lamenting when we saw her that ''abeg this pain is too much make person even die'' that CRY brought tears into our eyes, we felt her pain. 

Please please and please everyone, Cancer is for real oooooo, IT'S NOT A JOKE OOO. For the women check yourself before you wreck yourself and for the men too, Prostate cancer is for real too. 

According to what one of the Professors at LUTH told us when we visited, an early detection can go a very long way in saving what could become a bad situation. So ladies check your breast for anything usual and get proper diagnosis.

Adieu Linda!!! Sorry Godwin for the loss of your wife.  Thanks so much Chima for answering us when we called on you.


Sherri said...

So proud of you Chima!

Anonymous said...

Chima Anyaso God will continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

Correct guy God bless you and your business.

Anonymous said...

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace. Amen