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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Finally after a long time in limbo, owing to the promoter's ill health Movida night club reopened last night to a very loud bang, showing that Akeem still holds a few aces in his hands when it comes to running a bar/night club/lounge.  His club reopened last night Friday, November 29, 2013 and the place was jam-packed!

The club located on Adeola Hopewell in Victoria Island, Lagos had been shutdown for several months now, mainly because Akeem had had to fight one of the greatest battles of his life to stay alive owing to diabetes and some other add-ons. At a the height of the health battle, he had lost so much weight and was so weak that many had thought secretly that it was the end for the formerly very big and bubbly dude. 

Not wanting to fall into the hands of very sharp boys who could have been running/managing the club in his absence all through when he was very ill, he apparently decided then to shutdown temporarily to nurse himself back to health and face his business back squarely.

According to some of those that were at the opening or that have gone to the fun-spot, they said Movida's new bar area is awesomely beautiful and big, much bigger than how it used to before. Another new addition to the place is the new cigar bar, which we hear is been manned by the gorgeous Carline, the ex-Caribbean model who  is a cigar connoisseur and supplies lovers of cigars in Lagos, Abuja & Accra.  

Although we also hear that Akeem is on the move presently looking for investors to support him in his effort to take the club back to the height it used to enjoy before, this is mainly because he is said to have spent a colossal amount of money to nurse himself back to health; funds unavailability not withstanding he has reopened Movida to show all and sundry he still possesses the Midas touch in the business. 

So back on the grind for Akeem 'Mr. Movida' Shodeinde all over again.

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smiles said...

N d ashewo club re-opens..... Welcm back tho'