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Friday, June 9, 2017


Inimitable Denrele Edun


The Iconic AFWN 2017 has come and gone, but the revebrations of from it as and would continue to echo for a longwhile to come. As the organisers as was expected of them, gave a super good account of themselves in terms of organisation and in other ramifications, therefore great kudos to them for pulling off another very successful show.

Like the edition was tagged-Iconic, the organisers made sure to put their money where there mouth was, hosting the first fashion showcase of such magnitude at the truly Iconic venue, the historical National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

Their idea for that was so as to connect fashion with history, and the venue of choice, the National Theatre, if we all can recall hosted the 1977 Festival of black Arts and Culture very very successfully.

More after the break.

When they first berthed the idea to move such an event away from the usual suspects, eg Eko Hotel, FPH and take it to the mainland, many had wondered how they could pull it off and even sniggered behind them, but the testaments that they did a super good show,  after the 2days event held so successfully and so colourfully are all around now, for all to see.

Many wouldn't forget what they saw in a hurry and we can tell you unashamedly and proudly that Nigerians are very colourful and also very creative, as that much was displayed over the 2 days event.

For those expecting some particular brands or names to showcase, remember that this platform was creative to help discover, nurture and expose hidden talents, who should takeover from the current masters tomorrow.

Many of such newly discovered talents have gone on to become bigger brands today.

Check out the photospeak from the red carpet at the event, for your viewing delight.

Our delightsome photo genius Richard Anazie of Elzia Vibe Studio was at hand to cover the event.

Red Carpet pictures were by Elzia Vibe Studio.


Asake Agoro 


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