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Monday, June 19, 2017


Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi
Princess Ronke Ademiluyi
Moremi Ajasoro's Statue

The very hardworking Princess of the source and owner and founder of the award winning fashion platforms Africa Fashion Week London and Nigeria, by name Princess Ronke Ademiluyi, has just added another new feather to her very illustrious wings.

She was highly honoured very recently with the announcenent of a very big appointment, by His Imperial Majesty, the Oonirisa of the Source, Ile-Ife, in the person of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ogaga II, as the "heritage ambassador" of the Moremi Ajasoro legacy.

The late "Moremi Ajasoro" is an historical figure of extraordinary dimensions in Ife, whose intervention at a partcular point in the history of her domain Ile-ife, saved her people, her domain and by and large their heritage from extinction.

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By her actions and her sacrifice, she became an heroine and mother of her domain, worthy of emulation. Legend has it that the very beautiful and brave woman, was captured and enslaved by the enemies of Ife. She got married off to the King of those who captured her, but quietly and unrelentingly​, she found out the secrets of her captors and escaped back to Ife, where she revealed same to her people, which led to the defeat of their enemies.

In order to succeed in her task, she had made a vow to sacrifice her son on her safe return and conquest. She later made that sacrifice and the rest is now history.

In honour of this exceptional figure, the highly respected and revered monarch, not too long ago built a beautiful statue in recognition of all that she stands for. That statue is the 3rd tallest of such in Africa.

So with this appointment and great responsibility, Princess Ronke Ademiluyi has become the official representative of the great African heroine.

As the "heritage ambassador for Queen Moremi Ajasoro's legacy", she was so appointed by the king as part of his efforts at adding value to the Yoruba culture which he believes was also going extinct.

Coming from the respected monarch's palace, the appointment was made in recognition of Princess Ronke Ademiluyi's efforts at promoting "the largest International gathering that celebrates fashion" and culture..

It is expected of Princess Ademiluyi to develop sustainable avenues that would boost the legacies of Queen Moremi. She's also saddled with the responsibilities of seeking for strategic partnerships and collaborations and also designing activities that would promote and sustain Moremi's enduring legacies.

So her task is not an easy one, but one that she's definitely eminently qualified for, to carry out.

Ronke Ademiluyi is a London trained lawyer, who founded the AFWL in London in 2011, which has now grown to become the largest gathering of its kind in the whole of Europe. The London platform is even very well recognised by the Mayor of London office and has been awarded for what it has achieved over the years.

The 7th edition of the annual fashion fiesta is upcoming in August 11 & 12 of 2017 and it would take place at the iconic Freemasons Hall in London. The annual 2 days showcase always gathers not less than 10000 visitors. It has become the biggest gathering of African Fashion or even African influenced fashion in Europe.

Congratulations to the princess on this new assignment.


Mama Borngirl said...

She was a contender as an Olori, it's like he's having way for her to be one now.

Anonymous said...

Only that she's a player too. Shameless woman. Aloba will soon remove these comments.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly...lol