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Thursday, June 22, 2017


There's no doubt about who Sir John Obayuwana is. The man at the helm at Polo Ltd, Nigeria's number one luxury, lifestyle brand that sells some of the best watch and pen brands in the world, likes of (Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Longines, Frederique Constant, Cartier, Chopard, MontBlanc etc) in Nigeria, has held us all under his super magic spell unobstructively for so long, mesmerising us continually and unabatedly.

Sir Obayuwana, is the dandy dad (daddy yo) of the equally super stylish, Jennifer Obayuwana, who is better referred to as the underboss of her dad's brand, where she has brought loads of "oomph" since she came on board a couple of years back as an Executive Director.

When you talk about style and the purveyors of it in the extreme form, this "gentleman par excellence" has it, in over abundance. In fact everything about him defines it, he defines the phrase "cognoscenti" with every fibre of his being.

You need to see him at work, dressed to the nines in very sophisticated pieces, with a time machine of class to add to the whole ensemble for you to better understand what we are on about. It's most definitely not only an out of work thing with him. For he is always on point at all times, never out of place. Very finicky to a fault.

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You need also to visit his homes, for you to greatly appreciate that style is an all encompassing thing with him and this legend exudes it, breathes it from all his pores effortlessly.

Like someone very recently described his home,..."it's a showpiece of a place", "very standout in a special place of its own". Not only would it rival some of the best residential homes anywhere, the very impressive artwork/pieces that he collects alone that adorns everywhere, both at home and at work would leave mouth agape permanently.  And would conveniently build a super place for another.

He is the "undoubted and undisputed king of luxury" in Nigeria. In fact the one man who makes all other dandies all over the world, take notice and come for lessons on the delicacies of panache and class. He his rated one of the most stylish men alive and in fact would rate high up there amongst the top 10 world's best dressed men at anytime and that list includes Great Britain King-in-waiting Prince Charles.. Just imagine a 60 plus hovering towards early 70 year old man in a sarong?!!!! And still looking very fetching.

This effortless dandy of a man said to be in his late 60s entering early 70, was a year older just yesterday, Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

As was expected he was celebrated by those close to him and his numerous admirers.

We also salute here at Maestro's Media take this opportunity to salute him and wish for him, many more years of excellence.

For many that might not have known and might have limited his business enterprise and empire to Polo Ltd and her subsidiary Polo Avenue alone, which was in fact an idea by his 1st daughter Jennifer, the Swiss trained gorgeous lady; Yohanna's dad is also the owner of an hybrid Construction company, by name Cat Construction, which we hear has a sizeable and very impressive portfolio of works.

But that's not even all about him, there's still the oil servicing business he also runs on the side, that he doesn't make any unnecessary noise about at all.

So if you were wondering before about how just being the owner of Polo Ltd, has made him such a colossus, now you know a little more.

Again, happy birthday.

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