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Friday, April 29, 2011

WHO IS LEWA???????

That's the question we at MM have been digging to find out about, the so called cool dude, like they say is running things in a big way, and from some whispers we are also getting might be sharing some fantastic things with another big boy, and if care is not taken might be heading towards a big collision course. The cause of this future altercation might be a fantastically dazzling damsel in the form of a Nicki Minaj lookalike, who both sides are said to be hooked on.

We are still investigating the whole very juicy and scandalous happenstances and as soon as the whole buffet is set, we will serve to every one's delight. But just in case anyone knows who LEWA is, please feel free to send us your little contribution. wink!!! wink!!!!!!!!!!.


Anonymous said...

toyin lawani DOES NOT look like nicki minaj at allllll>>>> where did u get that idea from??
well lewa is a yahoo yahoo jazz boy, probably 23-25 year old who toyin is head over heels with and since her Oga commissioner has invested too much in her, he cant let her go.
i'll be back with more info from my sources...hehehe

Anonymous said...

i hope its not lewa aderogba. na wah oo...