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Friday, September 30, 2011


What's so HOT!!! about a pair of supposedly fake boobies, that they are worth a million dollars in insurance. Its one question we all have to ask Holly Madison-the Ex-main flame of Hugh Hefner, the owner  and Publisher of Playboy. Just recently the blondie, took the path of other celebs and some superstars who had gone on to insure some parts of their bodies-J LO was reported to have insured her bum for a whooping!!!!$27Million Dollars, while ex-Super Model and wife of SEAL-Heidi Klum was said to have insured her legs for a Million Dollars, this 2 body parts are supposedly the most valuable parts of the 2 stars body, hence the insurance policy, in the aftermath of any affect on those parts, the stars would go home smiling to the banks.

Holly's supposed main money maker is her set of fantastically constructed fake boobies, that she has shown to the delight of all for many times either in Playboy or their very successful reality show series-GIRLS NEXT DOOR, but since she left the show, and even left her ex-Hugh,who she dated for 7 years from -2001 to 2008 and only left because, the eternal Playboy refused to marry her, she's been in Las Vegas doing her own show called -The PeepShow. At 31 years old, Holly's asset are a whooping 36D rated titties and they were insured by Lloyds of London


Anonymous said...

Enough mistakes here as well. Either employ a writer or quit this. I am too disgusted and embarrassed for you

Anonymous said...

@Anon, e tire me oh! I'm about to give up on this blog.

yes (me again) said...

Hi blog, owner. It's me again, I was the one who wrote the anon 11:32 comment and also the comments under the name of 'yes' and 'me again'. As you can see, people are coming to the site but a bit put off by the bad grammar and style. If you can change that, I think we would all appreciate reading the blog and links would be circulating. I'm even shocked that people have been commenting after me. It shows that there's still a base of readers. Luckily. Please try to do something about the writing, and this place would get more interesting. You'll have people reading the stories to the end, commenting etc, all of which would drive more traffic here. Please take the comments on board. Best of luck. If you even need help, I'm sure people would be willing to lend a hand. Like maybe, you can send the story to someone, who would proof read the story and make changes to the style and grammar. Let us know. You can actually put up a post, asking people to apply for the job. x x x

Anonymous said...

My dear, you are doing a great work but pls try and proof read before posting. Your sentences are too long, pls put full stop in relevant places. My dear, you are doing a great work but pls try and proof read before posting. Your sentences are too long, pls put full stop in relevant places.