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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IT'S A JONZINGGGGG!!!!! WORLD-28-09-2011

“This is just the tip of the iceberg for innovative entertainment”


Its a new world order - It's a Jonzing World!
A ritzy, swanky and lavish new nightclub christened
JONZING is set to have its high

profile launch next
Wednesday, Sept 28 2011.

Located within the highbrow residential and commercial area of Lagos, Nigeria -'The Island'

Off Ajose Adeogun, this club is the first of its kind.

The venue screams ‘lush’ to say the least, from the Interior to the exterior. First privileged

visitors have described it as exciting and different!

It is newsworthy that the brain behind this night life entertainment venue is none other than

our very own D’ Prince of Effizy aka OMOBA of MO HITS records. The venue has a

holding capacity of over 300 people.

“JONZING”- It’s for YOUR Entertainment by THE Entertainment
and the Prince of Mo

hits has taken it upon himself to show us how to party in style!

Though yet to release his debut album, since he first came onto the scene with the Mo hits

crew, D’Prince has had numerous hit singles like ‘Ooze’, ‘I like what I see’ ‘Jonzing world’,

‘Give it to me’ and his debut single ‘Omoba.’ He has also been featured on a number of songs

with various popular artists.

This jovial, quick witted, intelligent new club boss, in answer to ‘the reason behind his

venture into this new sector in entertainment’, cited his need to not just be apart of night life

as an entertainer, but
to also be the creative innovator and brain behind entertainment as

a whole.

Thus the birth of the club “JONZING".

The term ‘distinctly affordable’, is perfect when summing up the intended customer market

for this club. The drinks are affordable to every young person that intends to party in

D’Prince’s territory but of course always supreme quality, for example: fresh fruit cocktails

and signature drinks tailored to thrill any crowd with good taste.

However we all have “levels” the main floor is massive! Allowing artist performances and

D’Prince to party with club crawlers, but the club also boasts a VIP for tables and bottle

service and a VVIP strictly for A-List entertainers and high profile clients.

The club opening which will be an exclusive RED CARPET AFFAIR has already attracted

major media attention, locally and internationally simply because it stands to provide a good

blend of entertainment for the young and trendy and also the young at heart.

Everyone who has carved a niche for himself or herself is expected to attend.

Topping the guest list are the likes of THE MOHITS crew, Nigeria's UK based Tattoo faced

Dj: Dj Sose, who has recently flown in to Nigeria to attend this lavish event. Also we can

confirm the likes of ‘Mr Expensive himself’, ‘Dotstar’, described as UK’s ‘grime genius’

recently in the Metro News paper UK, who you might also recognize in the latest Toyota TV

advert, set to grace the occasion. It is no doubt that this event will be a blend of class and


Finally, D’Prince has promised that the ‘JONZING’ club opening is just the
tip of the iceberg

of innovative ideas he is about to unleash into the entertainment industry.

We hear rumors of concerts, tours and his debut album launch.

JONZING Launches This Wednesday, 28
 September 2011.

Red Carpet Event-INVITE ONLY

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