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Friday, September 30, 2011


Why are there so many fake things all round, the country is gradually becoming the fake capital of the world, we are so astonished by the avalanche of fake things we see daily-fake people, fake breast, fake complexion, Fake Christian Louboutin shoes, Fake GianMarco Lorenzi's, Fake Tom's,Fake Hermes Birkin bags, Fake LV, Fake smile, Fake friendships,fake!fake!!fake!!!!!!!!everything. What is going on. And the culprits are also well known in the society, meaning.......... they too are FAKE!!!!!!!!!!.

In order to impress or be counted amongst those who are the IT people, people are so willing to sell their birthright for nothing, that is why there is so much unholy relationships going on, people have put themselves under so much pressure,and are so desperate to do anything, just because they want to belong.

Imagine this, an average Hermes Birkin bag goes for between $9,000 & $150,000 dollars, the cost is determined by the rarity of the material used for its production-Ostritch,Alligator,Crocodile,Lizard etc, in Naira that's between #1,350,000 & #22,500,000 that's at #150 to a Dollar, that's a staggering  amount, dont you all think?, but go out in Lagos and some other parts of the country, you see big madams, young girls, models even University students carrying them in all colours, some in some very odd colours, that  they immediately shout fake. We know for sure some carry the real McCoy, but check out this scenario a student or a young girl, who is still under her parents care, spending that much on one single bag, she's either a thief or better still an armed robber, a ritualist or a call girl and for her to be the last one, she's must be something special. We remember the wife of a former governor, who is now a Senator that bought one for her daughter sometime back, atleast we know those one's could afford it.

Let us look at another scenario, the average Christian Louboutin costs between $400 & & $900 though some go more expensive, again depending on some variables, in Naira that comes to about #60,000 & #135,000, which though is still affordable,but its still steep for the average pockets, but you can be so sure to see it everywhere, been worn by all and sundry, some even now use it to play football-Lwkld!!!!!!!!!!!!, AND IT GOES ON AND ON LIKE THAT.

And the question that continually comes to mind is this, must you carry a designer label?, who are you trying to validate your ignorance to?, why must you put yourself under unnecessary pressure, to impress another. Why?,why??, why?????.


1.The name ''Hermes Paris,Made in France'' is always stamped on the front face of the bag.
2.The date of the manufacture, is always on the bags. The artisans mark and year of production are stamped beneath the right belt.
3.The stitching is important, the authentic Hermes bags have straight,even stitches and no loose thread,and the thread will match the bag.
4.Hermes bags have a covering to protect the hardware, which is never removed, until purchase. And the hardware is solid, not hollow.
5.Inside of the bag,Hermes bags do not ever have metal namep plates, and they are made of the finest leathers.
6.The best way to know the real, is to go to the authentic Hermes store, and get aquainted with the real McCoy, the lining, the leather,the attention to the minutest details and the understated elegance of the bag.


Anonymous said...

abeg tell dem o!

me again said...

Four things to point out

1- Your errors are too many. Please, I am so disgusted. E.g "that is why there is so much unholy relationships going on". You mean, so MANY unholy.....

2- The average Louboutins don't' start at $400. The cheapest they have is £375 which is $562.5 and they go up to about £3000 for the special edition ones. that;s about $4500. Get your facts right

3- You can't find a Hermes Birkin at the store, as you reported. NOPE! You have to order them, and there is a huge waiting list for that. You do NOT pop into Hermes and see Birkins on display. NO SIR!

4- This topic is very interesting. Should it have been on Bella or Linda Ikeji, there would be over 200 comments. But when an incompetent and ungifted writer writes on it, there are no comments because you've made it so dry, bland and irritating to read with your over excessive use of errors and wrong information. Do something about it. This blog is took bad.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:40 am. Whoever you are, must have a grudge against this writer. You do not have to come here and read his blog. Go on to bella or linda and leave this person alone. How shameful.

Anonymous said...

dang me again na wa oh!

me again said...

Hey guys! It's me again. I don't have beef with the write actually. I don't know who he/she is. If you read my other comments, you will see why I am concerned. I came to this blog after they broke the news on Marifa White. NO other blog was reporting it. I follow so many blogs and I notice that this one usually has some of the most original and exclusive reports. However, what pains me in the low readership which is evident from the comments. And the reason for this is because of the bad writing style. What i ask is for an improvement, so I can actually come on here and enjoy what I read. At the moment, I come occasionally because they have good reports but I never read them to the end because of the poor grammar and style. I would loveee to come here daily, just like I do with the other blogs. E.g I'm not a fan of Linda Ikeji but I am a fan of her blog. She writes so well and the comments are always extensive. Even when the report is silly, I read the comments because they're interesting and there's this sort of love hate relationship they have with her. But with this, all of that is non-existent. That's it. Sorry if I sounded harsh but I hope the blog owner takes my criticism on board.

Anonymous said...

@me again: Agree with you on most of the points, but not when you say Linda Ikeji writes well. Actually, she doesn't and she cribs shamelessly. She gets lots of comments because her posts are bite-sized (I'd have said pithy but that'd be ascribing something to her that is untrue!) and she doesn't screen the comments. Nigerians, being what we are, like to slag each other off in the most disgusting, base manner and Linda's blog allows them to do this. Some other blogs like, Bella Naija, do not tolerate overt abuse so they get fewer comments and, probably, fewer hits as a result. We are a strange people.

I do agree with your other comments re this blog though.

Anonymous said...

Madam again! get your facts right too madam, Birkins are now available in stores after the recession and it has always been if you shop in Italy or some parts of Europe.

I understand that you are trying to give Constructive criticism but it boiling down to bad bells. I visit this blog and other blogs that you mentioned and i dont leave comments on any of them. So maybe most readers of Biola's blog are like me who dont comments on blogs or i dont know. Please free Biola madam.

Biola take heed of madam's advise and get someone (if you are too busy) to proof read your write up.

Anonymous said...

to the madam know all, you can now by birkin bags from stores, infact i was lusting for one that was o sale at their selfridges store for 8kpounds, u will fing them plenty in their monaco stores! rcession hit really hard, designers want to sell their goods!

Anonymous said...

fake it till you make it

Anonymous said...

I think it's all about misplaced priorities. Even those of us in the US don't spend that much money on invaluable things such as brand name bags and shoes like our fellow 9ja babes.

Women often think that joining the band wagon makes a man tick...lol...big time jonzing. It's all about lusting after what's not meaningful or valuable...why not invest the money?