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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MC LOPH IS DEAD,RIP!!!!!!!!!!!


So sad to hear and to talk about this, but we can confirm to you all that MC Loph, the Igbo guy that did the remix of the Osita Osadebe's classic Osondi Owendi has passed on, the crooner who only just hit the limelight not too long ago after dropping the remix, was on his way to Benin for the traditional leg of his wedding when he met his untimely death lastnite, in a ghastly motor accident along the terrible Benin/Ore road, he was with his wife to be and another family member, though the others are alive but terribly traumatised. He unfortunately has passed on. He would be sorely missed by many family members, friends and colleagues.  The number of lives that have been lost to the very deplorable road conditions in Nigeria is alarming, one only hopes that MC Loph's death would bring the right kind of action towards that particular road, so that the hip-hop star wouldn't have died in vain. Its just so sad.

We do have a picture of the mangled accidented car, but we think, it is in bad taste to post such a picture for anyone's viewing pleasure, we at MM would love to remember the hip-hop star at his best.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Maestromedia, for your decency in choosing not to show the photo of the mangled car. You have just restored my faith in my fellow Nigerian, that there are still plenty of decent Nigerians out there. Some other blogs would post that photo and, if possible, the corpse just to get as many hits as possible on their blogs. You, however, have shown decency by not pandering to morbid voyeurs. Your sense of responsibility is tryly appreciated. Respect to you.