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Thursday, September 8, 2011


The annual beauty contest is just around the corner, this year's contest would be in Sao Paulo,Brazil and it's only about 4 days away, 89 gorgeous ladies from all over the world would be representing their countries, with the hopes that one of them would carry the day and be declared as the most beautiful lady in the Universe. American Real Estate Tycoon- Mr Donald Trump's company had bought the franchise to the pageant some year's back, and we all know that whatever he is involved in, one must expect all the biggest type of hype, heralding this year's competition even before it starts- Is the Story of one of the contestant representing Colombia. Miss Catalina Robayo, who had gone out for several functions, wearing  mini-skirts, but apparently forgetting to wear underpants, many are of the opinion that the weather in Sao Paolo, Brazil might have been too hot, so the need to do away with her undies, so that cool breeze can do its  proper work.

Though pageant organizers have already shown their displeasure and warned her, one hopes it doesn't affect her chances at the competition.

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Anonymous said...

A beg una no go kill me wit laugh! Wetin concern there wit weather? When she fin wetin she dey look no b person go tell am. (Continues laughing... He!he!he!