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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Chinwe Ejere's dream has just become a reality and she's still enveloped in the euphoria of it all, just at the weekend, she emerged as the 2011 winner of the prestigious Elite Model Look Competition 2011, powered by Beth Modeling Agency, in conjunction with the World renowned agency-Elite, in this quick interview with us at MM, she revealed a bit more about herself. Excerpt-

Are you back? from dreamland or have you always thought you would emerge the winner. UMMM!!!!Talking about dreamland, I think I am back from dreamland because winning was a few days back, a fantasy, but now my winning is a reality, so I have left dreamland to face reality.  I registered for the Elite Model Look Nigeria 2011 because I had hopes of winning, I really didn't think I would emerge the winner though, because it was a really tough competition.
How was your preparation for the competition, what were the things that prepared you to come out tops. What gave you the edge over others?

My preparations were tough and exciting as well, I was really drilled, a lot of exercising (workouts), dieting, cat walking in heels everyday which is not my normal daily routine. The other girls were great we all had similar features but I guess it was meant to be. (Smiles)
Now that you have won, what are your hopes for the future, what are your immediate plans

At the moment I am getting ready, working hard for the grand show in shanghai, I am so excited come November hoping to be successful and make my country Nigeria proud, people  have always told me I look Chinese, so I guess I would fit in well. Lol!!!!!. As for the future I see it being bright hoping to be everywhere I can and should be and working with top modeling agencies all over the world.

You are one of those that would represent the continent at the world competition, how would you consider your chances.
I believe whatever I set out to do with determination and help from God I can achieve it, so I am optimistic about my chances.

Why be a model in the first instance.
Modeling is my passion, it gives me an opportunity to showcase myself and be an inspiration to others in terms of fashion, beauty e.t.c. because I love fashion

Who are your icons in the business and why?
WOW!! I have quite a number of them, but I’ll name a few, like our very own Agbani Darego, Millen, Oluchi, Tyra Banks, Naomi, Kimora, Channel Iman,  and many others, and it’s because each and every one of them have achieved so much today in terms of Modeling. They are all so down to earth, though I haven't met some of them but I hope to one day.

What's your educational background and what would happen now that you have won.
I just finished from secondary school, I know that a bit of a surprise because I get the " You look older"  bit all the time, it has its disadvantages and advantages as well, I just turned 18 last week, I  was 17 when I registered for Elite Model Look-2011 and then turned 18 during the show. I finished from Model Secondary School in Abuja-Class of 2010. I would say I won at the right time because I have not gotten admission to a University yet, but I will definitely continue my education because I feel beauty without brains is pointless.
What do you have to say about Beth model agency?
Beth Modeling agency is a wonderful agency and I am so excited working with them, definitely looking forward to what the future holds.

How supportive have your parents and family been as par your modeling career?
So far my family have been amazing, my dad is late so it’s just my mum and four siblings, they have supported me a 110 percent all the way. Also my friends have been wonderful too.

Has your young modeling career been smooth sailing all the way, so far?
I have only just started, so I am hoping it would be a smooth ride.

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Anonymous said...

hi Chinwe, happy for you. Guess you are Ada and Ify's kid sister @ NAF Sch. VI. Was Ada's classmate and good friends.
Wish you the very Best, you have just started